About Lakeland


Mission, Vision, Values, Outcomes


To inspire lifelong learning and leadership through experience, excellence, and innovation.


Transforming the future through innovative learning. 


Learner Success, Integrity, Respect, Community, Excellence, Innovation.


  • Learner success
  • Relevant programming and research
  • Connectivity
  • Sustainability
Outcome: Learner Success
Students are supported and engaged with their learning and, as a result, are better prepared for the labour market or further learning.

Our priorities are:
•       Increase student-led learning
•       Maximize student engagement
•       Enhance supports and services for learners and faculty
•       Indigenize Lakeland College
Outcome: Relevant Programming & Research
Students have access to training that strongly aligns with labour market needs.  Research efforts support economic innovation.

Our priorities are:
•       Ensure programs are the highest possible quality
•       Align programs with the labour market
•       Build learner pathways
•       Expand research capacity

Outcome: Connectivity
Lakeland ensures that all resources are in place to engage community partners in educational pursuits and to provide information to prospective, current, and past students.

Our priorities are:
•       Increase sustainable resources and support student success through fundraising and external partnerships
•       Raise Lakeland’s profile as an institution of excellence that provides program pathways for all learners

Outcome: Sustainability
Lakeland ensures that all resources (staff, budget, and infrastructure) are focused on providing a stable and meaningful learning experience for students.

Our priorities are:
•       Modernize the learning environment to better meet student learning needs
•       Optimize the use of resources to support a stable learning environment
•       Empower staff to excel to enable excellence in teaching and learning for Lakeland learners

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