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Lloydminster Campus

Opened in 1990, our Lloydminster campus has a modern, urban sensibility. But everything’s housed under one roof, creating a distinct sense of community togetherness.

You keep running into the same people --- in the classrooms, the weight room, the library, the Vic Juba Community Theatre --- and before long everybody knows each other. It’s like a big family.

And like most families, it’s getting bigger. The Bill Kondro wing, opened Sept. 2008, features a student lounge equipped with plasma TVs, a state-of-the-art computer lab and a high-tech demonstration site for the nursing school.

Admit it --- you stopped reading after “plasma TVs,” didn’t you...

Speaking of high tech, our Energy Centre. is one of the best equipped and modern steam labs in Canada. Officially opened in 2015, it's home to heavy oil and power engineering training.

Our newest classroom is a hairstyling lab/salon. It joins the esthetician lab/clinic as a student-managed learning centre.

More than 500 students in seven disciplines are at the Lloydminster campus..

Rustler basketball, volleyball soccer and futsal are based here.

There’s always something going on in the gym, at the theatre, or in the city just a few blocks away.

Straddling the border—The City of Lloydminster

Big city amenities with a small town heart, the City of Lloydminster has a population of 25,000. At the centre of heavy oil production, Lloydminster is also a regional hub for people in eastern Alberta and western Saskatchewan.

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