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Vermilion Campus

Lakeland began here in 1913 as the Vermilion School of Agriculture, and it still has a countryside feel: green lawns, mature trees,and as much sky as you want.

A lot of the learning at Vermilion takes place outdoors --- on the college farm, the firefighting school’s training grounds, or the environmental science programs field labs.

But times have changed since 1913, and so has Lakeland’s campus at Vermilion. Today our modern classrooms and computer labs support coursework in more than eight disciplines, including award-winning programs in interior design, trades and early learning and child care.

Enrolment at Vermilion numbers nearly 2,000 today, with more than 500 of those students living on campus, a few minutes’ walk from the classrooms. It’s the more rural of our two campuses --- offering a true small-town college experience.

Vermilion—definitely different!

The town of Vermilion is a not so typical rural community of about 4,500. It’s a town with a difference--all the friendliness and qualities of a small rural community with some surprising big-centre advantages. Discover what is definitely Vermilion on the Town of Vermilion website and also the Vermilion Chamber of Commerce.

See maps of Vermilion and the campus.
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