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Dual credit starts semester two with new offerings

The menu of dual credit courses available to high school students as part of the joint project between Lakeland College and East Central Alberta Catholic Schools (ECACS) has expanded to include a new course that is part of the environmental sciences program.

This semester, ECACS high school students are now able to take Lakeland’s SC 140 Environmental Sustainability course. It is a common course in all four environmental sciences diploma program majors which include conservation and restoration ecology, environmental conservation and reclamation, environmental monitoring and protection, and wildlife and fisheries conservation.

ECACS high school students taking the course will learn about human interactions with the environment and the environmental impacts of food production, urbanization, and other land-use activities that occur as part of the agriculture, forestry, mining and energy processing industries. One such student is Samantha Lang, a 17-year old high school student from Wainwright.

“This will be a great opportunity for me to get a look into environmental sciences field and decide if I want to pursue this as a career choice,” says Lang. She will graduate in 2012 and hopes to attend college in the fall.

Janice Aughey, Lakeland’s dual credit project coordinator, says she’s pleased that more dual credit courses from more program areas are now available to high school students. Last year, only ED 120 Play and HS 202 Recreation and Leisure Planning were available as dual credit offerings as part of the early learning and child care program.

She is also pleased with how well the students are progressing with their studies. To celebrate the completion of their semester one classes, a ceremony was held at the Vermilion campus on January 30 where they received official Lakeland College transcripts and high school career and technology studies (CTS) certificates in event management, nurturing children and project design, community care services and communication technology. The students who are from Wainwright, Vermilion and Edmonton were joined at the campus ceremony by their parents, high school teachers and Lakeland staff.

To kick off the second semester of dual credit offerings, an orientation session for ECACS’s high school students was held at the Vermilion campus on February 13.

Photo: On the Alumni Hall steps at the Vermilion campus are Caitlen Graham, Joanna Richardson, Tiffany Day, Janice Aughey, Joliane Timpano, Samantha Lang, Madison Nelson, Kaylee Woodward, Meagan Klatt, Linda Koskie, Michelle Johnson, Sheri Garnier and Sandra Pochylko.

February 2012
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