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Student awards program surpasses $1 million mark

For the first time in Lakeland College’s 100 year history, more than $1 million in bursaries, awards and scholarships was presented to students during the academic year.

“In total we awarded $1,054,902 in awards to students who attended Lakeland College in the 2012-2013 academic year. What a great achievement to celebrate in our centennial,” says Geretta Partington, financial aid and awards officer at Lakeland College.

The almost $300,000 increase from last year’s total of $758,497 is attributed to many donors increasing the value of their awards plus 26 new award donors or programs, some with multiple awards. For example, the new Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship program resulted in $85,740 in awards being presented to 171 Lakeland students.

“Eclipsing the $1 million mark is a tribute to the many donors who have stepped up to help support students and families with the cost of post-secondary studies,” says Phil Allen, vice president of student services and advancement at Lakeland College.

There were 1,091 awards, scholarships and bursaries presented to students during the year. Some students received one award; others received multiple awards. Recipients were selected for many reasons including academic excellence, campus leadership, community involvement, financial need and participation in Rustlers athletics.

“Lakeland College has made it a priority to increase the number of awards available to our students so we can help them minimize their costs. In 2007, there were 446 awards totaling $470,000. We’re thrilled that both the number and value of awards have more than doubled in the past six years,” says Allen. “With our Centennial Campaign continuing, I’m optimistic we’ll have a large increase in awards once again next year.”

For information on the awards program at Lakeland College visit www.lakelandcollege.ca/financial-aid

Photo: Andrea Schan received three of the 1,091 awards, scholarships and bursaries presented to Lakeland College students during the 2012-2013 academic year.
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