Agribusiness – Diploma – Vermilion Campus

Taking Care of the Business of Agriculture

Study basic business and agriculture through accounting, economics, agronomy, salesmanship and sales management, marketing, communications and organizational behaviour.

You’ll be in the classroom to create budgets and financial statements, and learn to manage farm records. You’ll also practice marketing crop and livestock commodities.

Lakeland’s advantage is that you choose a specialized stream of study—crops, livestock or marketing/communications—to focus your career goals and put you where you want to be.

You’ll live the learning whatever speciality you choose:
  • On the crops side, learn to use GPS to map fields. Be out in the student-managed farm fields to learn about soils, crops and fertilizers.
  • On the livestock side, create rations using nutritional lessons. Learn about feedlot, cow-calf, swine and dairy management.
  • On the marketing communications side focus on occupations in marketing and communications for agricultural companies.
When you graduate, you’ll be workforce ready for entry level management positions with agribusinesses, with agricultural agencies, or with banks or financial institutions working with agricultural and business clients. Your skills may also be put to use in your own farm or ranch.

Your agribusiness diploma may also be part of a 2-diplomas-in-3-years package. Start with agribusiness or another 2-year ag program. Stay another year and earn 2 diplomas.

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