Actively learn how to be an essential member in a veterinary health care team.

Lakeland College offers you hands on clinical experience, taught by vets and vet tech professionals. You'll learn and work in a provincially inspected veterinary hospital and a nationally accredited program..

Your experience includes both small and large animals--from SPCA dogs and cats to the college’s sheep, cattle and horses.

At our small animal clinic, you’ll put what you learn to work. Some examples:
  • use your knowledge of anatomy to take a diagnostic radiograph
  • learn clinical lab procedures on blood and urine that you have collected.
  • place a catheter and monitor anesthesia in surgery
  • meet with real clients to talk about their pet’s health and nutrition.
When you graduate, you may write the Veterinary Technicians National Examination. You'll earn a registered veterinary technologist (RVT) designation.