New for Fall 2019: Equine major in animal science technology. We are no longer accepting applications for the western ranch and cow horse program.
Learn from your saddle. You'll spend part of every day working with your horse. But this course isn’t just about riding.

It combines equine husbandry and beef production. For example you’ll learn basic hoof care, stable management, and how to identify and treat diseases in beef cattle.

You’ll train your horse to be a working horse. As a team you’ll learn how to handle cattle in a low stress way.

You’ll also be in the classroom for agricultural mathematics, general agronomy, and range and forage crops.

Your equine marketing course includes organizing the Cowboy and Cow Horses Competition.

By the end of the year, you’ll be ready to be an essential part of a small or large ranch, pasture management or feedlot operation.