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Student Surveys

  • 98% were satisfied or very satisfied with their program content.
  • 95% program activities gave them insights that lectures/readings could not.
  • 93% were satisfied or very satisfied with quality of instruction.
  • 98% were satisfied or very satisfied with accessibility to staff.
  • 96% are confident they have acquired the knowledge and skills to gain employment.
  • 95% stated they would recommend their program to others.
Source: About to Graduate Survey 2013-14.

Additional strengths noted:
  • Courses were well organized and sequenced.
  • Workload was challenging yet manageable
  • Opportunities to use up-to-date facilities, equipment, and materials.
  • Library provided up-to-date supplemental resources.
  • Opportunities to hear and connect with industry representatives.
Source: About to Graduate Student Survey 2013-14.

Check the drop down menus for comments from our 2010-11 About to Graduate Survey. These surveys are anonymous to allow students to be as frank as they wish when they rate the programs. You can also read testimonials in each program area or check out comments from the 2009-10 Graduate Survey.
Agribusiness View More ∇
Students were asked: What is/are the most important concept(s) you learned from this program?
  • How to be profitable.
  • I learned that there are a lot of jobs out there in the agricultural industry, you don't have to just go back to the family farm.   
  • Identifying weeds and diseases throughout a field.       
  • Accounting and marketing/ sales concepts were the most beneficial concepts that I learned because they are easily applied in everyday real life .        
  • Accounting and the second year courses were very helpful.    
  • They gave me the tools to be my own boss!!         
  • Sales was a good concept to learn. It can be applied to many different fields of work. The science courses like CR160 and CR242 really help in understanding how things work.       
  • Business and salesmanship
Animal Health Technology View More ∇
Students were asked: What is/are the most important concept(s) you learned from this program?         
  • What to expect from working in this field and how to do the job well.
  • How to really apply myself, and how to work in stressful situations. I have learned more technical skills with small animals and how to put IV catheters and surgical procedures.        
  • The most important concepts I have gained are how to connect and talk to clients as well as the techniques and skills to help and care for all types of animals.      
  • There are so many, you learn how to be a competent and self-sufficient technician in a vet clinic    
  • This program was very hands on and gave us as students the ability to use practical knowledge learned in lecture and apply it in our labs. It definitely helped to learn the material. The instructors are very good at what they do. They kept it fun and entertaining and it made me want to learn more and pay better attention. The teachers were always there to help out and never turned a student down. This is definitely a place that I would consider coming back to work as an instructor.          
  • I learned the practical knowledge that I will need for the work industry! There was tons of hands on experience and one on one with the teachers that made the learning experience easier and more enjoyable! ·           
  • Great teachers in this program, Guest Speakers and Field Trips were very beneficial. Would recommend this college to anyone interested in this program.
Other Comments:
  •  I really enjoyed my college experience here. The teachers are amazing and make the learning experience great. I would recommend Lakeland College to anyone that is thinking of post-secondary education!!!        
Animal Science Technology View More ∇
Students were asked: What is/are the most important concept(s) you learned from this program?        
  • Artificial insemination, business planning, management skills through SMF, handling techniques/drug administration through Stockman's Practices        
  • The nutrition, anatomy, economics, and marketing classes were vital in the learning program of this course.         
  • The marketing, meat science and nutrition courses helped me the most in industry.      
  • I learned managing skills and enough on farm experience like treating, calving, and how to detect for sick animals. All the on farm experience was the best part of this course. The disease, pharmacology and stockman courses were the best.               
  • I learned hands on techniques that I will be able to apply to my future farm operations. Range Management techniques including extensive grazing practices were extremely important. My facilities class has given me so much helpful info for my future farm. AI and sheep practices have been very important as well.
Crop Technology View More ∇
Students were asked: What is/are the most important concept(s) you learned from this program?      
  • Where to find industry information.   
  • IPM, Soils, IWM, Financial Management, Business Planning        
  • learning to work off the top of my head and be ready for any question that may come my way.
  • The agronomics and economic parts of my program, I feel they will be the most useful in my future career         
  • All the agricultural classes had huge importance.
Other Comments:
  • It was a good decision to come to this school... thank-you.

General Agriculture View More ∇
Veterinary Medical Assistant View More ∇
Students were asked: What is/are the most important concept(s) you learned from this program?
  • I found that everything I learned in this program was extremely important, the labs were all very hands on and provided practical learning for day to day work at a clinic               
  • Restraint, safety, maintenance, and communication were key points learned in this course. Your safety comes above all else, seconded by the health and safety of the animals.       
  • All the hands on was a great learning tool, like the lab and how we learned about it in class first than actually put it to use on real animals and real life situations. We got a great idea of information that will be required to know in practice and made me feel a lot more confident going into the work field.
Other Comments:
  • Good teachers make a huge difference with the success of the student! All the teachers here are all great and very knowledgeable
  • This program was a great stepping stone for my future. I didn’t know if I really wanted to be an AHT and this program was a good step in that direction.
  • The VMA program had amazing teachers standing behind the program and their students which made things funnier and enjoyable.         
  • Great teachers!! Love how they aren’t just teachers, they are working in the practice at the moment!         
  • I really enjoyed this program and it provided great hands on experiences/training. It's helped me get one step further to reaching my goals and dreams.
Western Ranch and Cow Horse View More ∇
Students were asked: What is/are the most important concept(s) you learned from this program? ·     
  • The important concepts that I have learned was to perfect the ways in training horses and working animals in a low stress environment. And also to work within a ranch situation on the pasture. We also learnt different techniques in how to do cutting and reining training on our horses.         
  • Proper riding techniques as well as theory with cattle diseases, doctoring and production.     
  • The cattle disease aspect, and most importantly learning to do different things riding, and roping        
  • For me my favorite thing to learn this year was roping.       
  • How to ride correctly, how to rope, that there's a lot more to the industry of cattle and horses than meets the eye and you have to know a lot if you want to go anywhere and be smart about it.               
  • How to start a horse on working with cow and like it.  
  • How to properly train a horse by release and pressure and how critical it is to give release at the right time.
  • To me everything was important that we learned here.
Other Comments:
  • Teachers are awesome and the program is very educational, and I’m really glad that I took this program this year.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this program so much that I wish it was two years…If I ever have a chance to come back, I'll be jumping on it.
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2010 survey stats (superseded) View More ∇
  • 95% were satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of teaching.
  • 94% were satisfied or very satisfied with their program.
  • 95% were satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of their educational experience.
  • 92% recommend their program to others.
  • 94% recommend Lakeland College to others.
Source: Insightrix Research Survey June 2012.

Additional strengths noted:

  • The quality of instruction is excellent.
  • Faculty are knowledgeable in their field.
  • Classes deal with practical experiences and applications.
  • Students are made to feel welcome.
  • Faculty care about students as individuals.
Source: About to Graduate Student Survey, 2010
Student Satisfaction Inventory, Spring 2010

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