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If I decide to leave after the first year of Business Administration will I receive a credential? View More ∇
If a student successfully completes the following 10 courses, they are eligible to apply to graduate with a Business Administration Certificate.
  • AC130
  • AC230
  • CO131
  • CO231
  • EC111
  • EC211
  • CU248
  • BA120
  • MK170
  • MA101
Can I get credit for courses I took at another college or university? View More ∇
You may. It depends on the course.

Lakeland's business department strives to provide maximum transferability for business students from other colleges. If you've completed the first year of business administration at other post-secondary institutions, you may receive credit toward the first year of Lakeland's Business Administration diploma.

Generally, for each transferable course that you earned a C- (or equivalent) for, you'll receive transfer credit. You need to apply for that credit and you should start the process at least 2 months before classes start. Use our transfer credit form to get the process started.

You also need to think ahead as we recommend seeking transfer credits at least 2 months before your classes start at Lakeland College.

For more information call our business enrolment specialist toll free 1 800 661 6490 ext. 5429 or direct in Lloydminster 780 871 5429.
How many people will be in my classes? View More ∇
Class sizes typically range between 15 to 40 people.
Do I need to make an appointment to see an academic advisor? View More ∇
Once you have applied, been accepted, paid the tuition deposit, and attended a group advising session, you will make an appointment to meet with the academic advisor to choose classes, in particular your electives.

Course selection may be done by email, in person, or on the phone. Course selection for new students normally begins in April.
What is the grading system? View More ∇
The Lakeland College uses a 4.0 grading scale. Details of the grading system may be viewed in the Student Handbook.
Do I need a minimum GPA to graduate? View More ∇
Yes. Generally a pass isn’t good enough; A GPA of 2.0 or higher is required to graduate from a business program.
Do I need to have my textbooks on the first day of class? View More ∇
Most instructors don't expect students to have their textbooks on the first day. Generally, they will discuss which textbooks are required when they go over the course syllabus during your first meeting. They may also discuss which editions are available and which books are required versus recommended. You should, however, be prepared to buy your books during the first week.

New editions are available through the Lloyd Campus Bookstore. Often, second-hand books may be purchased from former students. Some students choose to order their books online but should confirm it is the proper version and edition.

Textbook lists are generally available at the Lloyd Campus Bookstore and posted on the Lakeland College Business Facebook fan page in mid-August.

Anything you may need such as a calculator will be provided during the first class.
How many courses can I take? View More ∇
A full-time student would normally be registered in a minimum of 3 courses (9 credits) to a maximum of 5 courses (15 credits) per semester. You have the option to take part-time studies in the business program (one or two courses per semester).

If you are applying for financial aid, the funding agency may have specific course load requirements.

If you are balancing other activities such as work, family, and/or college athletics, you may consider taking a reduced course load. However, if you intend to complete your diploma in two years, you will need to take a full 30 credits per year.
What happens if I change my mind about the route that I want to pursue? View More ∇
If you change your mind before classes start, contact the academic advisor to discuss changes to your course selection. Call 780 871 5430 direct in Lloydminster, or toll-free 1 800 661 6490 ext. 5430.
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