What Business Students Say

Students Love Lakeland!

  • 98% were satisfied or very satisfied with their program content.
  • 95% program activities gave them insights that lectures/readings could not.
  • 93% were satisfied or very satisfied with quality of instruction.
  • 98% were satisfied or very satisfied with accessibility to staff.
  • 96% are confident they have acquired the knowledge and skills to gain employment.
  • 95% stated they would recommend their program to others.
Source: About to Graduate Survey 2013-14.

Additional strengths noted:
  • Courses were well organized and sequenced.
  • Workload was challenging yet manageable
  • Opportunities to use up-to-date facilities, equipment, and materials.
  • Library provided up-to-date supplemental resources.
  • Opportunities to hear and connect with industry representative.s
Source: About to Graduate Student Survey 2013-14.

Check the drop downs for comments from our 2009-10 About to Graduate Survey. These surveys are anonymous to allow students to be as frank as they wish when they rate the programs. You can also read testimonials in each program area.
Accounting major View More ∇
Students were asked: What is/are the most important concept(s) you learned from this program?       
  • Managerial concepts and Intermediate concepts
  • How to prepare financial statements, how to manually record business activities, and using the Simply Accounting program.    
  • Accounting theory and applications as well as practical knowledge to apply in the workforce.
  • This course helped me learn to think outside the box - to look at situations in different ways and find solutions that may be better than conventional methods. Learning how to see things from different points of view helps a person understand the situation better and hopefully come up with a solution that will benefit all parties    
Other Comments:
  • I enjoyed the program and found it to be very rewarding upon completion. That rewarding feeling can only mean that I was challenged every month and the module topics were relevant to my daily job. I have learnt much from this program, my biggest concern is to not let the education go unpracticed. Thanks
Appraisal & Assessment major View More ∇
Students were asked: What is/are the most important concept(s) you learned from this program?
  • The appraisal concepts (valuation methods) used in everyday work environments.
  • The most important concepts I have learned in my program are the theories and procedures on how different types of assessment are done and the legislation behind them.        
  • This program provided a strong foundation for areas other than just in appraisal or assessment. Even if I do not become an appraiser or an assessor I will still understand the concepts behind taxation and assessment for my everyday life.
General Business View More ∇
Students were asked: What is/are the most important concept(s) you learned from this program?         
  • Personal skills with people, and confidence in front of a group.
  • I learned business grammar and what's appropriate in a meeting.
  • Many valuable skills about running a business.
  • How to be a great salesperson.
  • The most important concept are the communication skills and team work.
  • The essentials and basics of running a business.
  • How to successfully deal with customers whether it be a positive or negative ·       
  • I learned lots about the financial aspect of business that I had not previously known.
  • I learned how a business runs and how much work actually goes into every aspect of business. I learned that you need to allocate time wisely and make smart decisions that may involve risk    
Other Comments:
  • Every teacher was very friendly and helpful and did a very good job in their area of study.
  • I am continuing my studies in the fall to complete my degree. Thanks Lakeland!
Marketing major View More ∇
Small Business & Entrepreneurship major View More ∇
Accounting Technician View More ∇
Office Administration View More ∇
Students were asked: What is/are the most important concept(s) you learned from this program?         
  • The computer skills because they are going to be used in every job I do.        
  • The most important skill is public speaking because I am so shy. It will really get me started with talking in front of groups of people.         
  • Everything I have learned from this program, I have benefited from. I believe all of it is important.       
  • The computer skills; I really appreciated that the program had a practicum where I could use my new skills.       
  • The most important concept that I learned from this program would be that there is a perpetual need for learning because software changes all the time. I also learned that it is important to be flexible because everyone does things differently.         
  • The most important I think would be the skills such as how to do your resume and the people skills. Also, the extra knowledge about the computer programs was very nice.        
  • The most important concepts were the hands on learning and how our assignments were tasks that we will be performing when we get a job. ·        
  •  I learned how to be a professional; how to organize and develop great work habits that I will carry with me for a very long time.
Other Comments:
  • I love this college and this program. It’s been a great experience.        
  • This is a very great program that I would highly recommend.     
  • This program is a great resource for anyone who wishes to enter the field of office administration.   
  • Instructors were great. They were very knowledgeable; really knew their subjects.
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