2nd Class Power Engineering – Certificate – Lloydminster

If you choose the full-time program, there are 40 credits in the required courses for the 2nd Class Powering Engineering certificate.The curriculum is the same as what is required by ABSA.

If you can’t commit to being on campus from September to May, there’s another option.

It’s still full-time hours on campus, but for shorter periods of time based on a specific ABSA modules. Three of those modules are 4 weeks, 2 are 6 weeks and one is 9 weeks long. See the chart below for the start dates. See the important dates page for the start and final exam dates.
Required Courses

EN 338 Electricity 4
Topics include AC theory such as sine wave, single phase AC circuit, three-phrase circuits and AC power. There are also in depth study of DC generators and motors, AC machines such as alternators single-phrase motors, poly phase motors, synchronous motors and transformers.
EN 339 Refrigeration & Compression 3
There are two components in this course. The air and gas compression deals with the theory of compression, various types of air compressors and auxiliary equipment. The refrigeration component includes the theory of refrigeration, capacities and performance, refrigeration cycles, safety and control, and equipment. Different types of refrigeration plants including compression and absorption systems and their operations will be examined.
EN 340 Thermodynamics 5
This is an advanced course on topics such as heat transfer, expansions and the work associated with heat.Thermodynamics of steam which include steam table, enthalpy, entropy and charts and diagrams related to the subjects. Heat cycles and energy flow will also be studied.
EN 341 Metallurgy 3
Metallurgical applications will be studied in this advanced course. It includes topics such as structure of metals, non-ferrous metal, alloys, heat treatment of metals, iron-carbon phase diagram, and the engineering properties of ferrous metal. Mechanical tests of materials are also discussed. Weldment defects and non-destructive examination methods of welding will be explored.
EN 342 Boilers 2
This course examines the design aspects such as heat transfer, circulation, of steam generators and the fittings and detail components associated with boilers. The construction methods, installations and insulation are also part of the subject. Students will also be exposed to the detail procedures of boiler inspections, operations and maintenance.
EN 343 Pumps 1
This course deals with the theory and application of pumping in power plant. The installation, maintenance, operation/control, boiler feed pump re-circulations and the detail construction of pumps will also be discussed.
EN 344 Water Treatment 2
This courses deals with advanced topics in power house water treatment which includes external and internal boiler water, cooling water, industrial waste and potable water treatment. Modern water analysis and equipment will also be introduced.
EN 448 Codes & Administration 5
The codes section deals with ASME section I & VII calculations which include cylindrical heads, openings, stayed surface, pressure relief valves and fire tube boiler. The administration part includes legislation, act and regulations governing the installations, modifications and operations of power plant. Many aspects of managing a power plant, such as personnel, planning, maintenance, inspection, budgeting and safety programs will be discussed.
EN 449 Applied Mechanics 5
This course is an in depth study of applied engineering mechanics. Topics include statics and dynamics, energy & power and fluid mechanics.
EN 450 Prime Movers & Lubrication 3
  1. Steam turbine: The operation principles, detail construction, governors and controls, operation and maintenance of Steam turbines are the subject of this course. Students also study the theory associated with turbine nozzles and blades and the condensing equipment.
  2. Internal combustion engines: The topics associated with internal combustion engines such as application, cycles, fuel types, cooling and operations and maintenance are also included in the module.
  3. Gas turbines: The application, construction, operations and control of gas turbine will be discussed. Turbine cycles and auxiliary equipment will be examined.
  4. Lubrication: The topics include plant lubrication programs, lubrication systems for steam/gas turbines internal combustion engines, and air compressors. Lubrication oil maintenance, bearing lubrication, oil purification and turbine governing oil system will also be discussed
EN 451 Piping 1
Code requirement, material of construction, support, strength and effects of temperature as well as piping layout and water hammer are the topics of this course.
EN 452 Mechanical Drawing 1
Pictorial drawings geometrical constructions, orthographic, isometric and oblique drawing, sectioning and dimensioning are topics of study. The students will also be exposed to the interpretation of industrial drawings including flow diagrams, piping drawings and chart.
EN 453 Instrumentation 2
Modern electrical and electronic measuring devices and their installation for pressure, temperature, flow and level will be studied as well as the final control elements for the above. Other topics include: the control for steam productions such as boiler feed water controls and steam temperature, pressure control; automatic control methods and distributed control system, programmable logic controllers.
EN 454 Fuels & Combustion 2
This course is a study of combustion chemistry, fuels analysis and handling, furnace and firing equipment and draft systems. Combustion control systems, flue-gas analysis, safety will be studied.
EN 455 Plant Systems & Environmental Protection 1
Components of power plant systems such as feed water, steam piping, fuel, condensate, cooling water systems , waste handling and their integration will be studied. Environmental protection including monitoring and control of various pollutants such as SOx, NOx and fine particle are part of course. Advanced topics in measuring of stack emissions and waste water pollution are also important part of the course.

Courses by ABSA category

Start Date
EN 340 Thermodynamics
 2A2 Sept 6, 2017
EN 341 Metallurgy
EN 342 Boilers
 Oct 30, 2017
EN 343 Pumps
EN 344 Water Treatment
EN  450 Prime Movers & Lubrication
 2B1 Nov 23, 2017
EN 451 Piping
EN 452 Mechanical Drawing
EN 448 Codes & Administration
 2A1  Jan 9, 2018
EN 449 Applied Mechanics
EN 453 Instrumentation
 2B2 Feb 28, 2018
EN 454 Fuels & Combustion
EN 455 Plant Systems & Environmental Protection
EN 338 Electricity
 2B3  April 4, 2018
EN 339 Refrigeration & Compression

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