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First Choice for First Responders

You need to be more than an adrenalin junkie to choose fire and emergency services careers. When your heart is racing, you need to know how to make good decisions to protect lives and property.

Lakeland College’s Emergency Training Centre offers programs that reinforces theory with field work experience to prepare you to be a team member, and a leader in the front lines of first response.
  • Our Emergency Services Technology (EST) is the only FT diploma program in Canada delivering comprehensive training in fire and medical. All students receive core training in NFPA 1001, then specialize in fire or medical (EMT-A). All students undertake a practicum to complete the 12 month program.
  • Our 12-week Firefighter Training Program exceeds National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1001 Standards. You will train at one of the best facilities in North America.

Other Courses

There are more courses listed on the Lakeland College Emergency Training Centre (ETC) web site such as officer and leadership, rescue, hazardous materials and emergency prepardedness. Check out the ETC web site or go directly to the course calendar page.

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