Emergency Services Technology – Diploma – Vermilion ETC

Frequently Asked Questions and Quick Facts

Do I need EMR before I start the EST program? View More ∇
Yes, you do.

For our 2015 class, EMR is a pre-requisite.

If you can apply without having EMR, but your EMR registration needs to be submitted to support your EST application..
  • Successful completion and proof of Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) registration with the Alberta College of Paramedics is required. Information on ACP approved programs, exam dates and registration can be found at www.collegeofparamedics.org.
  • If you aren't from Alberta, you may complete and register for EMR in your province, but you must also register with the Alberta College of Paramedics by completing the ACP labour mobility package. Once your credentials have been approved by the ACP, you'll be issued EMR registration. 
What is included in the written test? View More ∇
There are 3 parts of the written test:
    Academic achievement test, which includes math, science, English and reading comprehension. 
    Mechanical aptitude test
    Medical knowledge test.

For more details including how to prepare/refresh yourself, see the written testing page.
How fit do I need to be? View More ∇
This is a physically intensive program and a physically demand career. In the past, more applicants were denied entrance into the EST program based on their physical fitness assessment than in any other area.

Check our physical fitness assessment page for more about fitness and training.
How do you assess my physical fitness? View More ∇
We use 2 protocols to determine your physical fitness. The Canadian Physical Activity, Fitness and Lifestyle Appraisal (CPAFLA) and the Canadian Standardized Test of Fitness (CSTS).
Is there, for example, a magic number of push-ups I need to be able to do? View More ∇
Ultimately, during all of these tests we are looking for your best effort. Many times applicants want to know how many push-ups or how high they need to jump in order to be successful.  The answer always is as many or as high as you can – whatever number that may be.
Can you explain what the two streams of the program are? View More ∇
You get to decide between the two streams, whether you want to specialize in either emergency medicine or firefighting. Everyone starts with basic EMR and NFPA 1001 training before moving into the stream of their choice. 
Before you apply - answer these questions View More ∇
Before you decide to apply, ask yourself these hard questions:
  1. Does my lifestyle support ethical and responsible choices and actions?
  2. Am I prepared to maintain a level of professionalism on and off duty?
  3. Does my lifestyle align itself with the fire service values of respect, pride, professionalism and teamwork?
  4. Am I actively supporting my community for the benefit of others?
  5. Have I adopted and do I maintain physical fitness as a way of life?
  6. Am I physically able to perform the firefighter job tasks?
  7. Can I work for extended periods of time under difficult and strenuous conditions?
  8. Am I comfortable using different hand/power tools and technical equipment?
  9. Do I have a support system in place for debriefing and stress relief?
  10. Have I considered the impact shift work will have on my family environment?
  11. Am I familiar with and able to operate within a paramilitary working environment?
  12. Do I understand and will I abide by the hair and jewellery wearing standards?
  13. Am I able to work harmoniously in close quarters with other people?
  14. Do I treat all people with respect, dignity and professionalism regardless of race, creed, gender or beliefs?
  15. Am I able to and do I take steps to maintain a positive attitude?
  16. Am I able to motivate myself? Do I motivate others?
  17. Do I actively engage myself in a problem solving capacity?
  18. Am I able to follow and carry out complex oral and written instructions?
  19. Do I have a thirst for life-long learning?
When should I apply for residence? View More ∇
You will be sent a residence application once you've been accepted into the program. If you'd prefer to live off campus, we do have an off-campus housing list.
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