Alumnus excels at health and wellness programs

Making others feel and look their best is something Ashton Faithful, Class of 2014 and 2015, excels at.

A relaxing massage, pedicure or new hairstyle are a few of the many techniques Faithful’s perfected by completing Lakeland College’s esthetician and pre-employment hairstylist programs.

“I absolutely loved it,” says the 27-year-old. “I like the fact that it’s calming and that I can make people feel good, and when they feel good, I feel good.”

Esthetician students complete 152 hours of hands-on learning in the Lloydminster campus spa and with the pre-employment hairstylist practicum students hone their skills, which worked well for Faithful, who says she learns best by doing.

“I loved the mix of hands-on work and theory. I developed a wide range of skills, learned how to provide quality care and services and I could still be creative,” says Faithful of Frog Lake, Alta. “The instructors are amazing. They taught me a lot and it helped build a confidence in me that I really didn’t have before in a way.”

That confidence translated into high marks and skill development for Faithful, who made the dean’s honour roll twice before graduating from the esthetician program and was awarded a scholarship while completing the pre-employment hairstylist program.

With two programs under her belt, Faithful’s goal is to one day open a spa or salon of her own. To accomplish that she plans to return to Lakeland for the business administration program in the future while keeping her skills up-to-date. She’s offering aesthetic and salon services part-time from her home. Thanks to recommendations from Lakeland instructors, Faithful’s also kept busy and honed her skills with hair and makeup requests for weddings and other events.

As an alumnus, Faithful is invited to the Lloydminster campus regularly to provide demonstrations to both the esthetician and pre-employment hairstylist students. From makeup demos – ranging between fantasy, evening glam and day looks – to braiding and other hair styles, Faithful is drawing on her skills and Lakeland experience to teach future health and wellness professionals.

“For me, I want to inspire others to reach their goals, especially my two children,” says Faithful, a mother of two. “I want to have as much education as I can because that’s what I feel is really important. I really love Lakeland, I had a great experience and I know I will continue to. It helped open the door to a lot of opportunities I have now.”

Photo: Sharing her skills and talent, Ashton Faithful, Class of 2014 and 2015, returns to the Lloydminster campus regularly to provide demonstrations for esthetician and pre-employment hairstylist students. 

January 20, 2016

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