Esthetician – Certificate – Lloydminster Campus

Esthetician Public Clinics

woman applying eye make-up to another woman
Esthetician students do a lot of hands-on learning because it takes practice to become a professional.

If you've ever thought about trying esthetic services, why not try them out at Lakeland College?

Our students get a chance to hone their skills, and you get their services at reduced rates. Esthetician Public Clinic runs from our Wellness Centre (room 201) on the 2nd floor of the Lloydminster campus.

All of the services are performed by Lakeland College students under the supervision of a professional esthetician and instructor.

Lakeland College takes every precaution possible to ensure the students are providing safe and professional services. Clients must understand that the students are in the process of learning and are not yet certified.

Hours of Service 2016-17:
  • 1st Semester (Oct 26- Dec 7) - Wednesdays from 3 pm to 7 pm.
  • 2nd Semester (Jan 16 to Apr) - Mon & Wed from 3 pm to 7pm.
  • A drop down shows our price list. Cash only.
  • Call 780 871 5454 to book an appointment  
Wellness Centre
This is our facility for esthetician classes and where students will provide services.The spa-like setting is known as the wellness centre.

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 Spa Services
Makeup Application   $15 Waxing
Hands    Eyebrow   $10
   Manicure   $20    Upper Lip   $10
   Manicure with scrub & paraffin   $25    Full Face   $25
     - Add on OPI gel polish    $10    Underarm   $10
   Gel polish - application only   $15    Full leg   $30
   Gel polish - removal only   $10    Full Leg including bikini   $40
       Half leg   $20
Feet    Bikini   $20
   Pedicure   $30    Full Back or Chest   $20
   Pedicure with scrub & paraffin   $35    Full arm   $20
     - Add on OPI gel polish    $10    Half arm   $15
   Gel polish - application only   $15    Abdomen   $20
   Gel polish - removal only   $10    Services offered as of 
   January 16, 2017
       Signature Facial Treatment:   
Lash & Brows    For  all skin types   $40
   Lash Tint   $15 Services offered as of February 22, 2017
   Brow Tint   $10    1 hour Relaxation massage   $30
   Lash & Brow Tint   $20    1/2 hour Relaxation massage   $20
   Brow shaping - tweeze   $10    1 hour Hot Rock massage   $30

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