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Cheesy Getaway View More ∇
The winter of 2010-11 had been particularly long and reading week was still too far away when Cindi Plant challenged first year students create a "cheesy" getaway for a creative assignment.

When the judging was finished two groups were recognized for their design.

Hotel Cocoa Bean was cited  by the judges for its "I'd want to go there and eat chocolate" feeling. Earning snow vehicle snow scrappers were Courtney Federspiel, Amanda Shostal, Claire Beatty and Rebecca Johnston.

The "cheesiest" designation went the Super Mario Bros. getaway. Its creators--Jade Bosomworth, Shayna Bernard and Jillian Vincent--all received boxes of mac and cheese.

Take a look at the designs in the slide show:
  • Tiki Hut--beach house with ocean view and aquarium, outdoor entertainment centre with fire pit and a resident parrot
  • Western Getaway--set in the mountains. The luxury house is barn-shaped with the modern conveniences using natural finishes and a comfortable rustic decor.
  • Space Ship Trip--you only think you're in outer space with zero gravity, auto flush and waiters attired as aliens. No worries, the food is better than the usual space fare.
  • Super Mario Bros.--it's almost like you're in a game. It's a house for rent featuring a bedroom where you use a trampoline to get into bed, kitchen on the lava level and bathrooms on the sea and snow levels.
  • Hotel Cocoa Bean--luxurious Swiss Alp hotel spa with candy inspired furnishings (coconut shag rug) and decor and a restaurant named Indulge

Challenge: Combine a bathroom and laundry room View More ∇

A design for real life

Nicole Polishuk, a local teacher and community resident, met with the first year interior design technology students to give some feedback on the bathroom/laundry designs that the students did for them as a class project. The Polishuks’ goal was to get some ideas of how to combine two small spaces—a bathroom and laundry room—into one functional space in their home.

The students used NKBA guidelines for bathroom design and client requirement requests to reconfigure the two spaces into one. They also researched and specified fixtures, materials and colours for the space.

As a gesture of thanks, Polishuk presented each of the students with a gerber daisy.

The Polischuks appreciated the work and talent demonstrated by the students and have promised to keep them up to date on the renovation.
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Stompin' up learning View More ∇
The invitation is simple—Walk, run or stomp all over our test carpet. You can even dance on it!

This invitation comes from the second year interior design class as they do an unscientific, but very visual test of residential and commercial carpet samples in a high traffic area between Alumni Hall and the Bentley Building on the Vermilion campus.

“They were studying carpet in their materials class,” says instructor Greg Plant. “This project became a very visual and hands-on way to look at stain resistance, catch, wearability and durability.”

The students assembled a strip of a variety of carpets, both commercial and residential, for their demonstration project. “It wasn’t built for beauty,” notes Plant. “They are just test size carpet samples put together for the project.”

Lakeland’s caretaking staff co-operated with the project and are even a little intrigued for how the samples stand when it snows and wet dirty feet go across the carpet.

Watch the slide show, or the brief video for the project in photos.

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