Agricultural Management – Online

Designed for both extension professionals and producers, a series of 4 online agricultural management courses can grow your knowledge and skills in integrated crop management, winter feeding and grazing management, nutrient management and extension program planning.

Each course is self-contained and you may take one or all of them. Just remember each course will require between 3 and 5 hours per week for 8 to 15 weeks.

  • Extension program planning  QAGR 135 -  Learn how to understand your clients’ needs. Improve your skills in developing program ideas and establishing a program to affect change. Discover how to prepare a program to suit various learning styles and delivery methods.
  • Integrated Crop Management  QAGR 136 - Understand how ICM systems function and how traditional crop science disciplines may be integrated into a highly efficient overall crop management system.
  • Nutrient Management  QAGR 138 - Learn about soil nutrients and plant interactions and their effect on the economic potential of a field. Find out how to use fertilizer and manure nutrients efficiently and learn practical sampling and analysis methods
  • Winter Feeding and Grazing Management  QAGR 137- Explore options for selecting winter feeding sites and rationing nutrients for animals on feed or pasture. Use knowledge of forage species and riparian areas to develop a pasture plan.

Growing Forward, a federal, provincial and territorial initiative, provided funding to develop these courses. See also Growing Forward 2: Alberta.

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