Apprenticeship Training Registration

Apprenticeship Application & Registration

You must be a registered apprentice before you can register in any of Lakeland College's apprenticeship programs.

The instructions and application form to register as an apprentice are located on the Apprenticeship and Industry Training's  trade secrets website. If you aren't a registered apprentice, complete your application and contract form from this site.

Registering at Lakeland

  1. If you're ready to take the next level of apprenticeship training, please check our schedule.
    • All the intakes are listed in the important dates tab for each of the apprenticeship programs.
    • Or, use the intakeschedule button above to check out all the dates.
  2. Registrations for the next academic year open during May. See the table below for specific dates for each program in 2017-18.

  3. Program
    Opening Date  Program
    Opening Date
    Auto Service Tech
    May 1
    Heavy Equip Tech May 15
    May 2 Parts Tech May 17
    Gasfitter &
    Instrument Tech
    May 4 Steam-pipefitter
    May 23
    Electrician  May 8 Welder May 24

  4. New - Register online through MyTradesecrets.

    • We encourage you to register online for the best chance for your first choice intake. Within minutes you'll be confirmed in the intake you choose. All you need is an internet connection and a credit card.

      Using a mobile device?: If you use a mobile device to register, be sure you continue through to payment. If you don't pay, you aren't registered.

  5. Registrations can still also be made by mail, fax, phone or in person.
    • Sign into MyTradesecrets. Chose manual registration to find the registration form.
    • Complete the form - then do one of the following:
      • Mail to Lakeland College, 5707 College Drive, Vermilion AB T9X 1P7.
      • Fax to 780 853 8636.
      • Call 1 800 661 6490 ext. 8500, or direct in Vermilion at 780 853 8500.
      • Stop in at Student Services on either campus to drop off your form and pay your fees.

For more information, call 1 800 661 6490 ext. 8500, or direct in Vermilion at 780 853 8500.

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