Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

The 2016-17 Lakeland College Academic Calendar is now available as an e-document (see below).
  • Programs are listed alphabetically inside the calendar. The table of contents groups programs by school.
  • Please note: Some program information is subject to change and the most up to date information will be available in the relevant requirements and course page in each program section of the website. Click on the academic bar above and then pick the program you're interested in taking. Each program has its own courses and requirements pages.
  • Find faculty for a particular program in our faculty directory
  • Calculate your college costs with our fee calculator.

2015-16 Calendar
2012-13 Academic Calendar
Other Academic Calendars
If you are looking for an academic calendar before 2012-13, please contact the Registrar's Office via email at
2010-11 Academic Calendar
How to read an e-document
If you aren't familiar with all the features of an e-document, take a minute to check out how to read our e-calendar (pdf). Or, follow the steps below.

By clicking on a tiny magazine or using a link, you open up an e-document made in something called a zmag. Your screen will look like this:

You can now read the individual pages. Your cursor becomes a magnifying glass that allows you to zoom in and out on a particular story or image.

There are many features in the zmag. On the top left [A] (or image at right) you have two choices.
1. Click on the college logo and you’ll go to the Lakeland College web home page.
2. Click on the toggle full screen, you’ll go into full screen mode—a larger view of the document.

On the top right [B] (or image below) you have
1. Search—search for certain words in the publication
2. Help—the question mark
3. Close—the X closes the publication

On the bottom left is a table of contents button [C] (or image below). When you click it, you can open up the entire document (see image below).

Under the document there are navigation arrows [D] so you can flip from page to page (large arrows) or to the beginning or end of document quickly (smaller arrows). It also tells you how many pages are in the document.

On the bottom right, there are several options for sharing [E], saving and even printing.
1. The envelope is for sharing. Clicking on it opens a window where you can share the document through a variety of social networks.
2. Choose the printer shap button to print the document.
3. The PDF button allows you to save the document as a portable file document (PDF)
4. The crop button allows you to crop part a page

External Links
In this e-document you are also able to quickly link to websites and email addresses by clicking on them

Internal Links
To help you navigate through long documents, use internal links such as the ones found in the table of contents.
If you click on any of the programs, you will be taken directly to that program’s page.
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