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If going to college was about gaining independence, you have. Because you now shoulder the responsibility to get to classes, study, hand in assignments on time and juggle course work with working, social life and family.

That's not to say Lakeland College doesn't go the extra mile to support students. We do.

One of those supports is helping your transition to college life and learning. Think of it as an investment in efficiency--how to study better, how to use your time better. Skills you''ll use for the rest of your life.

The how, is with one of our preparation/transition courses. All are designed to help make you successful at college, no matter whether you've just finished high school, or if you've been away from classrooms for years.

Lakeland has 3 different courses. Use the links below, or the left menu, to learn more and to connect with your course:
Top 5 reasons why to do a prep course
  1. You'll learn both academic and personal strategies for success at college.
  2. You'll use Desire2Learn (D2L), the college's learning management system, making you familiar and ready to use it for your courses
  3. You won't be marked. It's just about completing the course.
  4. It's free
  5. You can do it on your schedule. Early morning. Late at night. In the hammock at the lake. Whatever works for you.
Course specifics: C-O-L-L-E-G-E
Communicate with your instructors
  • email etiquette
  • how to ask questions
  • instructor office hours
Organize yourself
  • important dates in the college year
  • how not to procrastinate
  • scheduling your time
  • budgeting
Learn the college system
  • how to decode assignments
  • understanding the timetable
  • course syllabus
  • how to avoid plagiarism
Life as a college student
  • how to study
  • balancing your life
  • No Mom, no maid: menu planning, cooking, laundry
  • banking
  • campus resources when you need help
  • wireless and network passwords
  • stress and anxiety
  • recreation
  • mediation
  • developing higher thinking skills
  • your own success inventory
Expertise now you're on your own
  • build a list of resources
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