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Lakeland's Guide for High School Counsellors

Gateway to Success

We excel in providing workforce ready education. And yet, more than two-thirds of Lakeland College graduates continue their education. Why do they start here? Any number of reasons: small class sizes, accessible faculty, affordable tuition, a family atmosphere.

But above all, they come for our programs--and not just in the agricultural disciplines where Lakeland traditionally excels. Many come for our outstanding career-focused programs in interior design, environment sciences and adventure tourism. Others come to study business or liberal arts, then move on to a four-year institution (and maybe grad school).

Not only do we offer 8 different apprenticeship programs, but our trades training includes pre-employment programs and the unique power engineering and petroleum mix in HOOT. Students come from across Canada for fire and emergency services training at our emergency training centre.

Our satisfaction rates are high --- over 90 percent of our students say they had a positive educational experience and would recommend Lakeland College to others.

So get in on the secret: Lakeland College isn’t just an ag school anymore.

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