Registration & Orientation

Registration & Orientation 2015

One of the Most Important Days of Your College Experience

Signs with what? Where? When? Why? Which?All students--new and returning--are required to register in person at the college on Registration Day.

For most programs, registration will be Tuesday Sept 8, 2015.

3 Easy Steps

  1. Attend both the program orientation and college registration (unless otherwise stated).
  2. Pay your first semester program fees - due on or before registration day. Avoid the lineups and pay early on your My Lakeland account. See the drop down on paying fees for more details.
  3. Get your ID card - this is for new students. If you are a returning student, you can skip this step unless you need a replacement card. Replacements cost $20.
Please refer to your individual program registration schedule for the time and location of your program orientation. The left menu will have links to first year, second year or trades registration. Schedules are usually available starting in mid to late June.

Your registration/orientation stream will also posted be on the Lakeland College app.


  • All students, new and returning, must attend both (unless otherwise stated) registration and orientation
  • If you do not attend registration, your enrolment at Lakeland College may be affected. If, for some unusual circumstances, you are not able to attend registration, please contact Britt Feist, admissions advisor:
The difference between college registration & program orientation
College registration is in the main gym at the Recreation Centre. You will have your photo taken for your ID card, verify how to get computer access and finalize your registration. In Vermilion, an additional photo will be taken (new students only) for yearbook purposes.

Program orientation is when you meet your program dean, chair and instructors, receive and review your student handbook, learn how to access and read your class schedule, and in some cases, receive a list of books you will need for your first semester courses.

Both are mandatory attendance. If you don't attend registration your enrolment may be affected. If you don't attend program orientation, you put yourself behind before classes start.
Paying fees
Payment Deadline:
  • Your first semester program fees will be due, in full, on or before registration day.
  • To avoid the lineup, consider paying early. If you are paying by VISA or Mastercard, payment can be made by phone or on My Lakeland. Fees will be posted to My Lakeland in August. First year students will be sent their access information by mid-August. 
Where to Pay:
  • After mid-August on My Lakeland
  • When you check into residence
  • September 8 at the Finance Office in Alumni Hall (AH 256), or Student Services (1st floor Alumni Hall) from 8:15 am to 4 pm
  • After Sept 8, payments maybe made in Student Services.

Method of Payment: Cash, Debit, Cheque/Money Order,Visa/Master Card, Student Loan.

Student Loan holders
  • Saskatchewan provincial student loan holders - The entire year program fees (two semesters) will be collected from your Canada Student loan funds disbursed for this fall.
  • All other provincial student loan holders - Only the first semester program fees will be collected from your Canada Student loan funds disbursed for this fall. The remainder will be collected from your second loan disbursement in December.

Your ID card
New Students:
You will have a photo taken during registration for your Lakeland College Student ID card. Your ID card will be printed and given to you during that process.

Returning Students:
Your current ID is still valid. If you require a replacement card, please request one at student services after registration day. Replacements cost $20.
Computer access & wireless access
Computer Access
  • All students have access to computers on their campus during the school year.
  • During college registration in the main gym, you'll have the change to verify your username and password and learn more. If you'd like more information, please check the computer access webpage.
Wireless Internet Access
  • Lakeland College provides wireless internet access on both campuses. However, you need to fill out an access form with the MAC address of your device.
  • Get the wireless access request form online and return it to IT in Vermilion in the Commons. You may also pick up a copy of the form from IT in the Commons.
  • There's about a 24-hour turnaround for wireless access. For more information, check out the wireless access page. Included are set-up instructions for a number of devices.
  • There is separate wireless in residence. However, if you are an avid gamer, high use downloader or a Skype user, you may want to invest in your own highspeed wireless account. Service is available through Telus or Shaw.
Parking Vermilion
Parking at Residence
  • Energized parking stalls are $120 per semester or $30 per month.
  • Energized parking is sold on a first come, first paid basis.
  • We have 319 energized stalls near residence and over 500 students; unfortunately, not everyone will be able to park near their place of residence, but there are lots of places to park if you do not receive an energized parking permit. Details will be given to you on move-in day.
  • Power is provided when the temperature goes below -10 degrees C. Power is provided intermittently (half hour on, half hour off).
Off campus parking
  • There are a variety of free parking options around campus including lots B &C north of Alumni Hal and lots I by applied engineering, lot G by the trades centre and lot F south east of the trades centre.
  • A few reserved spots may be available. Check with the residence office. All are first-come, first served.
  • Please note that if you park in a paid stall (reserved sign) or an emergency corridor (yellow curb) you may be towed
Parking Lloydminster
For residence students, parking fees are included in their first semester rent.

There are many free spots in the lot east of the main campus doors as well as north and west of the gym/Vic Juba Theatre entrance.

A limited number of reserved energized spots are available. Watch for information about getting a spot.
If you have questions regarding registration, contact: Jo-Ann Mones, associate registrar admissions
  • call her direct in Vermilion at 780 853 8420
  • call her toll free at 1 800 661 6490, extension 8420
  • fax  780 853 2955
  • email her at
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