Registration & Orientation

Apprenticeship Orientation

All apprenticeship and pre-employment program students start the first training period of 2017-18 on Monday August 28.

Students should go to the Trades Centre student lounge, aka The Pit. You should arrive between 8 am and 8:15 am. Print off your 2017-2018 Orientation & Registration Schedule.

There will be guides at the front entrance of Alumni Hall if you haven't been to Lakeland before.

From the Pit, you will be guided by your instructor through all the registration activities including getting your ID card and learning more about Lakeland.

If you are staying in residence, move-in is on Sunday. You will be contacted with details. Don't forget to apply for your residence space.

This is the same procedure for all other apprenticeship intakes. Check the 2017-18 apprenticeship intake schedule for details.

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Move-in Tips


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