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Residence Move-In

There’s nothing quite like community living

Residence is a unique experience where you live with strangers who become roommates, neighbors, friends and family. It’s a network of social and academic support where you’ll form bonds with people that will last a lifetime.

Move-in day is when it all starts. You will only be able to move in on scheduled dates, unless special arrangements have been made with the residence office.

Move-in days for 2017 are as follows:
  • Vermilion- Monday, September 4  from 9 am - 4 pm
    • Lloydminster - Sunday, September 3 from   9 am - 4 pm
    If you are unable to move in on these dates, please contact the your residence office to make arrangements.

    You will be contacted by email with these dates as well as the cost of your dorm. If you've been accepted into residence, those emails will be sent in mid-June.

    For any specific questions, please see either the Vermilion move-in or Lloydminster move-in pages.

    Important note:
    • All of residence is non-smoking including family housing
    • You’ll receive a residence handbook when you check in. This will have numerous how-tos, where-tos and what-not-tos. Read it and learn more

    Express Line - Pay early and save time
    Pay all of your fees before move-in day and all you will have to do is sign your contracts. Payments can be made online using My Lakeland.
    What to bring
    Settling into residence requires you bring things to make the room your own and to add to your personal comfort. Here are needed and optional items.

    You’ll need:
    • bedding [twin sheets (flat & fitted), blankets, pillow]
    • wash clothes, bath towels and bath mat
    • soap--for bathing, laundry, and dishes
    • toilet paper
    • cleaning supplies for bathroom*
    • cooking equipment [pots/pans, toaster, dishes, cutlery]
    • dish clothes and towels
    • Health card & any medication you need
    • alarm clock
    • telephone
    • desk lamp
    • padlock/combo lock
    • clothes hangers wastepaper basket
    • laundry bag/hamper
    • posters—to decorate your room
    • recreation equipment--swim suit (your student fees get you into the pool), squash, badminton or racquetball racquet, ball glove, cards, board games

    Optional items
    • steam iron--ironing boards provided in dorm laundry rooms
    • foamy--for your bed if you prefer a softer mattress
    • small fan is a good idea for fall and spring as rooms are not air-conditioned
    • small stereo/computer/TV/DVD/VCR are okay to bring but please check into personal insurance
    • headphones for your stereo or computer
    • electric power bar with surge protection for your computer

    Water Notes
    Vermilion's water is provided through the Alberta Central East (ACE) Water Corporation. ACE brings water from the North Saskatchewan to municipalities in the region. This has improved Vermilion's water quality including lessening the hardness, dissolved solids and organic matter. Lloydminster's water also comes from the North Saskatchewan and is treated before being distributed.
    • Some people don't like the taste of treated water. If you are one of them, you may want to invest in a Brita or other filter system for drinking water. The other alternative is buying water. Some dorms will buy water coolers then share costs of water.
    • It's a good idea to clean toilets and sinks weekly to save you tougher cleaning situations down the road.
    ...What not to bring
    In order to made Residence a safe place to live, there are certain items you are not allowed to bring with you.
    • Illegal substances such as drugs.
    • Firearms of any type aren’t permitted in residence—and leave the ammunition at home, too. Includes paintball and pellet guns, bows/arrows, hunting knives and explosive/flammable devices.
    • Small cooking appliances, microwaves, fridges or freezers are not permitted in your room. Microwaves and fridges are provided in the common dorm kitchens. Small fridges will be available in the renovated dorms in Vermilion. Small appliances can be used in the dorm kitchens, but there is limited room.
    • Pets and fish are not allowed on residence grounds or in rez buildings. This includes stock dogs or projects from the small animal clinic, or riding your horse through the residence grounds.
    • Room heating devices such as small heaters. This is a safety precaution because of the fire potential. You can adjust the heat in your room.
    • Your horse—unless you’ve already made arrangements to board it
    • Candles, incense, fireworks and sparklers. If you have to light it—then don’t bring it. And remember, there’s no smoking anywhere inside residence buildings.Outside, please don't smoke near fresh air intakes.
    • ATVs and other off-road vehicles such as snowmobiles aren’t allowed on the main campus.
    Zero Tolerance Policy
    All residents will be required to sign Lakeland College’s Zero Tolerance Policy (pdf) that outlines unacceptable behaviors and actions. Violations of the policy by any resident or his/her guest will result in eviction.
    About Roommates
    It's one thing to share a room, bathroom and other facilities with a sibling--but a stranger? 

    Getting to Know Your Roommate has some tips on how to get to know and get along with a roommate.

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