Student Success Services

Services for Student Success

Your success is Lakeland’s success; we take a personal stake in it. So we’re here to provide all the support you might need, in the classroom and outside of it --- everything from job referrals to tutoring to personal counseling. All the resources below are available free to all students.

If you're looking for a particular service, a good place to start is at the Student Services office on each campus. This central office houses some of the services as well as being a great starting place if you're looking for help.
Academic Advising
All students can get academic advice.

Academic advisors are available for university transfer and business students on the Lloydminster Campus. These academic advisors provide transfer information and assist students with course selection and changes.

Pre-registration sessions about the university transfer program are being offered starting in January.

Students in other programs will meet, as necessary, with their assigned program heads or department chairs.
Clubs & Student Government
  • student associations on both campuses
  • social activities, theme weeks and seasonal events
  • charity fund raising events
  • activities on and off campus
  • global and social issues awareness activities
For more information, check out the clubs page.
Computer and Wireless Access
Lakeland College students have access to computer labs and student use computers on campus. For complete details see the computer access page.

WiFi access is also available on Vermilion and Lloydminster campuses. You fill out a wireless access request with your computer or device's media access control (MAC) address. For all the details, please go to our wireless instructions section.
Counselling Services
Lakeland’s counselling staff can help you deal with large troubles and small ones -- anything from a health crisis to a disagreement with an instructor over a grade. We know the pressure points in students’ lives -- and how to help you get the pressure off.

Come see us about:
  • Academic concerns such as learning disabilities, course difficulties or exam anxiety
  • Personal issues such as anxiety, depression, loneliness, relationships, substance abuse, sexual harassment, or grief and loss - Career planning with interest inventories, decision making, personality typing and research on specific careers 
All counselling is confidential.

For more information call Marina Gallery 780 871 4728 or e mail at  or the counselling office at 780 853 8781 in Vermilion or 780 871 5722 in Lloydminster. All numbers are toll-free at 1 800 661 6490 and then use the four digit extension.
Financial Aid & Awards
Check out all the details on the financial aid & awards section including the searchable database of our awards, bursaries and scholarships.

  • assistance with student loan forms, applications, appeals
  • tuition payment plans
  • budgeting tips
  • student emergency loans
You may email any questions to
Health Services
  • nurse on campus
  • access to on-campus doctor clinics
  • health information and treatment
  • first aid
  • immunizations
  • health awareness programs
  • women's health issues counselling
For more details see health services in our campus life section.
The Commons
We're excited about our new Teaching and Learning Commons, or more simply The Commons.
The Learning Centres
The Learning Centre--located in the libraries at both campuses--offers workshops and one-on-one tutoring free to all full-time Lakeland students.

Subjects include basic skills (math, reading, writing, and computer use) and study skills (such as note taking, exam prep and time budgeting).

Our Peer Tutoring program offers help in specific courses/subject matter. Tutors also are trained and can earn cash and certification.

We offer a wide range of services and adaptive technologies for students with documented disabilities.

For more information, go to The Learning Centre site.
There are libraries on both Lakeland College campuses. Services include:
  • online catalogues
  • interlibrary loans from other colleges and universities
  • 24/7 access to licensed electronic resources
  • subject specific print and multimedia research collections
  • group and one-on-one skills training for finding and accessing research materials
  • Alberta Library (TAL) borrower cards
Go to
Residence & Other Campus Services
  • Our Residence Villages include dorm buildings, townhouses and family housing. The main Vermilion dorms are currently in the last phase of renovations. Our maximum capacity in Vermilion is 544 plus 17 family housing units. Lloydminster has 256 beds plus 48 family housing units. Go to
  • Parking is available for both resident and commuter students. Energized stalls are available at a reasonable cost. There are also many free non-energized stalls.
  • On-campus cafeterias with meal plans. Check out the cafeteria website.
  • Vending machines are available with snacks, beverages and coffee.
  • Campus bookstores are more than books. Lakeland clothing, gifts, supplies and more.
  • Campus security is available 24-hours. Includes a safe walk program.
Student Employment Centre
The Student Employment Centre serves students on both campuses.

Come here to find a part-time job during the school year, get help with your resume, and explore job postings for part-time, summer and post-grad.

The Employment Centre also hosts an annual career fair.
Nearly 40 percent of our students are active members of an athletic team or club, and an even higher percentage make use of our pools, gyms, weight rooms, exercise classes, and other recreational programs. Both Lakeland campuses have full recreational facilities and staffs.

Check out what recreation has to offer.
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