Business Development

Regional Business Accelerator
Lakeland College and 14 other community-minded organizations launched the Regional Business Accelerator (RBA in 2012), a collaborative business support organization. The RBA is focused on growing the region’s economic diversity and strength one small business at a time.

Since 2012 the RBA has supported economic growth that advances the region’s collective social, environmental, and economic well-being. The business accelerator helps businesses connect with research, education and non-governmental service providers, government agencies, and community members. RBA members have access to education and support systems in the region through collaborative programming. Aspiring entrepreneurs receive support to establish their business, existing business owners can get help with developing partnerships for export development, and entrepreneurs at any stage of their careers can participate in professional development programs that facilitate life-long learning.

For more information or to become a member visit:
Electronics and Fabrication Lab
The electronics shop is used for developing new circuitry to support custom wireless sensors and control items, and manufacturing small runs of prototype circuit boards. Centre equipment includes: a circuit board plotter with cutting tools, through hole plating equipment, and associated dedicated hardware and software tools.

The fabrication shop houses a mig welder, acetylene welder/ cutter, plasma cutter, welding table, small metal lathe and milling machine with tools, 40 ton iron worker, air compressor and other small tools required for prototyping. This equipment allows for construction of small testing devices in-house. Prototyping services can be offered to SMEs.

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