Renewable Energy Learning Centre

Lakeland's Centre for Sustainable Innovation (CSI) includes the Renewable Energy Learning Centre (RELC), a net-zero energy target building incorporating multiple combined renewable energy generation systems.

Inside the Renewable Energy Learning Centre (RELC) is a conference area that includes a smart-classroom, cooking facilities, indoor sun room, and outdoor deck area. The RELC provides a great venue for small conferences, meetings, or educational activities. Book your next meeting in this net-zero energy facility!

The RELC and the Research Fabrication Shop showcases a multitude of technologies. These facilities help us grow our relationships relating to bioenergy and advancing Alberta’s bioeconomy. We have made great progress with our partners at Alberta Innovates Technology Futures, Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions, Western Economic Diversification and the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

The centre's energy sources include 13 kW of solar voltaic arrays, four solar thermal flat-panel collectors for domestic hot water and building heat, a 3.5 kW wind turbine, and a unique geothermal heating system. Multiple system integration is a major theme of the research and the programmable logic controller (PLC) on site allows the building's systems to be easily reconfigured for different experiments involving any of the renewable energy sources.

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