Our Team

Our Team
For general inquiries, please call 780 853 8734 or email appliedresearch@lakelandcollege.ca

Lakeland College Applied Research and Innovation
5707 College Drive Vermilion, AB T9X 1K5

Diane Harms - Director, Applied Research and Innovation
Diane Harms780 581 0656

Diane Harms joined Lakeland College in July 2010 as their inaugural Director of Applied Research and Innovation. Prior to joining Lakeland, Diane ran her own company working with various organizations and early stage technology companies to support strategic partnerships and business planning to raise seed stage capital in Canada and the United States. Her experience working in various roles in research administration, intellectual property management, science communication, technology commercialization, and business development have sown a passionate interest in Canadian innovation and entrepreneurship, melding her background in biochemistry with business. A home-grown prairie girl, Diane has lived and worked in both large and small urban centres, and currently lives on the farm learning first-hand about the joys of running a family farming business, raising two little boys, and a caring for a menagerie of animals.

Diane currently serves on the Association of Canadian Community Colleges Intellectual Property Management Best Practices Working Group, the Saskatchewan Provincial Steering Committee for the Start-up Canada Campaign, and on the Research Advisory Committee for Alberta Rural Development Network.
Lorne MacGregor- Director, Applied Research and Commercialization
Lorne MacGregor780 853 8776

Lorne is Director of Applied Research and Commercialization. He has 25 years experience in industrial research and technology transfer and is the inventor on a number of patents. Helping others move their ideas forward is his passion and he is particularly fond of helping with decisions on patenting.

He has a B.Sc. from the University of Victoria (Chemistry) and an M.S. (Environmental Engineering) and Ph.D. (Civil Engineering) from Washington State University where he specialized in atmospheric chemistry.
Laurel Perrott- Crop Research Specialist
W 780 853 8442
C  780 581 5256
Andrea Kastendieck - Coordinator, Applied Research
780 853 8734
Veronica Peterson - Research & Marketing Facilitator
Veronica Peterson780 853 8734
Rob Baron- Lead Researcher
Rob BaronRobert Baron, M.Sc. P.ENG.
780 581 5389

Rob Baron has more than 25 years of diverse experience as an instructor and researcher. He has or is teaching courses in agricultural field machinery, precision agriculture, agricultural materials processing, farm structures, farm management, building environmental control, and, more recently biofuels, solar photovoltaic, and solar thermal energy systems. He was part of a team that won the 2007 Award of Innovation in Teaching from the Alberta Colleges and Institutes Faculties Association for work on a student-integrated biodiesel project at Lakeland College.

He has been involved in research projects dating back to 1982 in the areas of alternate fuels, development of novel pesticide and liquid fertilizer application equipment, natural air grain drying, confined livestock housing ventilation, biodiesel production, robotics, renewable energy generation, infrared imaging of plant material, and the use of global positioning and geographical information systems in grain farming. As a graduate student, he won the national graduate thesis award from the Canadian Society of Bioengineering (2005) for his work on in-field infrared imaging of plant biomass to measure and map weed infestations in crop fields. He was the lead researcher on an Alberta Association of Colleges and Technical Institute-funded project to establish renewable energy instrumentation with web integration for the Energy Cabin (2005-2009), and on two other AACTI-funded projects on issues related to small-scale biodiesel production and characterization of the byproducts of biodiesel production.

Robert is currently the lead researcher on two themes of a NSERC-CCI funded project at Lakeland in the areas of web-based monitoring, optimization, and visualization of multiple/integrated renewable energy generation systems and assists on the solar heat storage theme. He was involved in the past joint applied research project between Lakeland College and Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures studying commercial biochar production. Robert acts as primary liaison with the Renewable Energy and Conservation diploma students and instructors and assists instructors incorporating project results and knowledge gained into relevant curricula. Rob is also part of the team that established the new Lakeland College Centre for Sustainable Innovation (CSI) research and demonstration site for renewable energy technologies that opened in May 2012.

Abdulaziz Naami- Research Technologist
Abdulaziz Naami780 581 5839

Naami has 25 years experience in Mechanical Engineering and worked as a researcher at the University of Regina before joining Lakeland College’s Applied Research team.

Naami is currently working on renewable energy projects including geothermal, solar, and wind energy.

He received his B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Libya and M.Sc. from the University of Regina in Industrial Systems Engineering.

Linden Lundback- Coordinator Pesticides
Linden Lundback780 853 8565

Linden is both an administrator and faculty member at Lakeland College. He is currently teaching two introductory classes in the renewable energy program along with his administrative duties, coordinating delivery of the provincial commercial pesticide applicator/dispenser program. Linden comes to the college with over 20 years of agricultural research experience as well as some previous teaching and agronomist experience.

Linden is currently the lead researcher on the Jerusalem Artichoke project at the CSI.

He received his B.Sc. in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan, majoring in crop science.

John McLaughlin- Research Technician, Field Crops
John McLaughlinJohn.McLaughlin@lakelandcollege.ca

Ryan Kwasnycia- Research Technologist, Instrumentation & Electronics
Ryan Kwasnycia780 581 5839

Keith Vickery- Research Technician, Data Analysis
780 581 5839
Thomas McAleer- Research Technician, Biomaterials
Thomas McAleer780 581 5839

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