As a College with a hands-on focus, Lakeland students are guaranteed to “live the learning.” But learning by experience at Lakeland goes much deeper than hands-on classes. The College is also committed to pursuing applied research and innovation opportunities that enhance both teaching and learning and support regional economic development. Lakeland College has a unique complement of mutually-supporting programs for applied research projects. With manufacturing infrastructure, instructors with industry experience interested in innovation, and students eager to learn and try their hand at real-life problem solving, Lakeland College has everything it needs to pursue applied research and innovation projects.

Who will research benefit?
That’s the most important question we ask when considering applied research projects. If the project aligns with our programming and the process and results are important to our students, community members, and/or industry in Western Canada, then Lakeland College wants to be involved. Already, many people and organizations are benefitting from the research and innovation at Lakeland College. Students are gaining research skills while learning new information as they apply what they learn in the classroom to research projects; companies are using the data collected to help make informed business decisions and improve products and profitability; entrepreneurs are getting the help they need to develop and commercialize their products; and organizations and communities are using the expertise of Lakeland to support their economic and green goals. We at Lakeland have always believed we have a large role to play in the economic viability of the communities we serve. We’re now able to enhance that role by helping communities identify what technologies make sense for them, both economically and functionally.

Everyone wins
  • Students: Potential learning and employment opportunities are limitless!
  • Industry: Opportunities to partner with an institution and solve industry-related problems.
  • Faculty: Work with industry partners to connect students with industry and keep skills current.
  • Industry: Hiring Lakeland graduates with practical experience directly related to their company.
  • Community: With a rural community focus to directly serve the surrounding area, Lakeland College offers opportunities for improving the quality of rural life.

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