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Seasons and other changes

It is great to see our campuses full of students.

I know ETC is winding down; a great year with all sections full. The P4 grad was Oct 24 (see photo below), with the EST ceremony next month. Thanks to the instructors and staff for all their dedication.

With the new term well underway, a special thanks to all who have participated in orientations and are mentoring students as they make adjustments to academic life.

Speaking of students,P4 grad class at their ceremony the October issue of Engagement Matters, the newsletter of The Center for Community College Student Engagement focused on student participation. Student participation includes structured group experiences and learning communities.

At Lakeland, we believe in live the learning. It already happens in a number of ways, but we are still asking all our schools to find ways to incorporate the participation concept in all instruction. I am looking forward to seeing what our different disciplines come up with.

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Why we Need Risk Takers. . .

Tidbits from Tracy on a green background
long necked man in business suit head stuck in sand“We’ve always done it that way.”. . . How many times have you heard that during your post-secondary career?

Perhaps Blockbuster said that to Netflix, or land line companies responded the same way to cell phone providers, or cable companies ignored the growing program content on the internet. I call it The Ostrich Syndrome.

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Why Presidents Tweet

tidbits from tracy in a long green bar
Social media is not new.

  • Facebook launched in February of 2004 and as of September 1 has 900 million users
  • Twitter birthed in 2006 and sits as the second largest platform with 310 million members.
  • LinkedIn is ranked third with 255 million users.
  • Other popular social media options include Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr, Instagram and the list goes on and on.
Tracy Edwards tweet 100 ft up on aerial ladder with photoI leverage the top three platforms to promote Lakeland College (and occasionally share a few personal stories).

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Not a Ghost Town After April

Rain matches my mood today.

Lakeland College’s hallways are really quiet, and that’s because exams are winding down for all of our September to April students.

Residence is busy with packing and goodbyes, handshakes and hugs, tears and laughter. Libraries that were crowded with studying and with finishing projects have emptied. Even the cafeteria lineups are shorter and tables are easier to find.

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Rowdy's Rustlings...On Mascots and Matching Sheets

Rowdy Rustler blog header
As you can see, I’m lining up to get ready for the official start of another academic year.

It’s going to be a good one, and I’m not just talking about the prospects of all our Rustlers teams.

Lakeland mascot Rowdy getting set to start the school yearIf you’ve been anywhere near our website or campuses, you’ve got to know that we’re getting ready to celebrate our 100th anniversary.

In fact, it’s such as party that we’re going to be starting all those celebrations before the big day in November 2013. Personally, I’m looking forward to the Great Prairie Steak Cookoff and the Pioneer Celebration respectively on Nov. 10 and 17 of this year. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that both events involve some of my favorite foods.

But I will plug the fact the steak cookoff will also be kicking off the Rustler basketball and volleyball seasons!

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Rowdy Rustlings…On Sinclair and Soccer

Rowdy's Rustlings blog header
As a mascot I’m more used to indoor pursuits, and I’m still not up on all the rules of soccer. I’m sure I’ll learn a few more as I watch Rustlers action this fall... I’ll be looking for that delay of game rule that was called in the Olympics.

Even though the semi-final game the Canadian women lost--in somewhat dubious circumstances--was heartbreaking, the bronze medal win pushed everyone’s spirits to new heights.

Then there was the extra thrill of Christine Sinclair carrying our flag in the closing ceremonies. She’s an athlete you want to have on your team and can be proud of as a representative of our country.

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