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Grading System

Grading System

Lakeland College uses a 4 point letter grading system. Don't worry if this is different than what you are used to, we'll break it down for you.

New Grading Scale effective Sept 15, 2015
 Grade Percentage Value 
 95-100  4.00
 A  90-94
 A-  85-89  3.70
 B+ 80-84
 B 75-79 
 B-  70-74  2.70
 C+  65-69
 C  60-64  2.00
 C-  57-59  1.70
 D+  53-56  1.30
 D 50-52
 F  0-49  0.00

Lakeland College Emergency Training Centre uses percentage grades. The minimum passing grade is 70%.
Grading Symbols
Grade Name Description
AC Advance Credit Awarded to students with informal learning experience.
AU Audit Student attended course on a regular basis. Performance not evaluated. No credit earned. Not calculated in GPA.
CC Challenge Credit Credit earned for successfully challenging an examination. Not calculated in GPA.
CF Challenge Fail Student failed to demonstrate a satisfactory level of achievement. No credit earned. Not calculated in GPA.
IN Incomplete Academic performance satisfactory but course requirements not completed. A temporary grade awarded in special circumstances to students who require a specified amount of extra time (maximum six months) to complete course requirements. No credit earned. Not calculated in GPA. Incomplete will be changed to failing grade of F if course work not completed by prescribed deadline.
IP In Progress A permanent grade awarded when course instruction continues after the prescribed end date for the term. No credit earned. Not calculated in GPA.
MD Mark Delayed Awarded as an interim grade in situations where marks submission is delayed.
P/F Pass/Fail Awarded as final grade in specially designated courses as stated in the course outline. Credit earned for Pass grade. Not calculated in GPA.
RW Required to Withdraw Suspension from a course. No credit earned. Calculated as failing grade in GPA.
TC Transfer Credit Awarded to students with prior formal learning experience.
W Withdrawal Student officially withdrew from the course prior to the prescribed deadline. No credit earned. Not calculated in GPA.
WF Withdrawal with Failure Student withdrew from the course after the prescribed deadline. No credit earned. Calculated as a failing grade in GPA.
How to calculate your GPA (Grade Point Average)
The grade point average is calculated by taking the sum of all points earned during a term and dividing this number by the sum of all credits attempted in a particular term.

For example:
 Course Number  Course Name Credits Attempted  Grade 
 HE 122  Human Anatomy  3  B  9.00
 AN 199  Animal Anatomy  2  A  8.00
 Total  5  17.00

17.00 points divided by 5 credits attempted = 3.40 grade point average (GPA).
Grading Scale July 1, 2000 - August 31, 2015.
 A-  3.70  
 B+  3.30  
 B  3.00  Good
 B-  2.70  
 C+  2.30  
 C  2.00  Satisfactory
 C-  1.70  
 D+  1.30  
 D  1.00  Minimal Pass
 F  0.00

The A+ grade was added July 1, 2004.
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