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The Enviro club is about pro active students who want to affect environmental and humanitarian issues. We offer workshops and other awareness-raising activities to help students get together and work towards relieving human suffering or environmental harm.enviroment club logo
  • Our newest projects are bats and bees.
  • We started an annual Greenspiel, a two-day fun curling event. Funds we raise also go to green projects.
  • We generated the idea for Lakeland's Green Roof Pavilion.It's now known as the living roof pavilion in the Vermilion quad.
  • We developed Sunfuel. A biodiesel fuel made from the cafeteria's used canola oil.
  • We sponsored the Green Cup for more than a decade. The street hockey tournament was first played on Lakeland's outdoor tennis courts, then moved to the Vermilion Arena. Monies raised went "green" projects on campus such as purchasing and setting up pop can recycling bins around every building  on campus.
We meet ever second Wednesday night at 6 pm in MB 136, unless otherwise noted on the Enviro Club bulletin board (in the Mead building). The first meeting will be the Wednesday after club night. If you need support for a cause, come join us.

For more information, contact:

Robin Lagroix-McLean
780 853 8587

Our mission statement: To promote sustainable concepts through education and demonstration to lessen the environmental impact on Lakeland College and the community.

Mini Green Roof Build
Greenspiel 2013 Photos
Greenspiel 2012 Photos
Lakeland College's Greenspiel 2012 photoset Lakeland College's Greenspiel 2012 photoset
First Annual GreenSpiel A Success!
The Environment Club at Lakeland College, Vermilion, ran a successful GreenSpiel Curling Fundraiser, with emphasis on “Fun”!  The idea came from first year Environmental Sciences student and club member Colby Oracheski who with the help of club members ran a fun filled weekend on Jan 21 and 22, 2011.  The event at the Vermilion Curling Rink entertained 20 teams of staff, students, visitors, and alumni that competed for fun and prizes. Each team played three games with the top teams playing in the A and B finals.
Congratulations to teams “Treena” and “Alumni 08”!

The Saturday evening was topped off by a dance, game “Name That Tune” and Karaoke.  The event was supported by Enviro Club students volunteering their weekend to run the event. Sponsorship by the Irma Curling Club helped the club with the start up cost. Thanks also to Craig Pederson Entertainment, as the Saturday evening was huge fun. The curling rink was hugely supportive and thanks go to the club for working with us.  For photos of the event visit 

Funds raised at this event fund the Environment Club projects.  The club recently donated $500 to support the purchase of a windmill for the Vermilion Provincial Park Trout pond.  Students are currently working on a Green Roof Project for campusThe funds will continue to support our commitment to improve recycling efforts on campus dorms, as well as donations to our future Green Living Scholarship for students who demonstrate a lifestyle of sustainability and green living. The club this year has also held a fall Vermilion Park Shoreline cleanup and Campus cleanup.

Watch for registration forms for our upcoming 7th Annual Green Cup hockey fund raiser on April 1-3 with information provided on the Environment Club website.   If interested in the club or supporting our initiatives please contact Faculty Advisor Robin Lagroix-McLean or check the website for further information.
Greenspiel Jan 21-23, 2011

Greenspiel 2011 has 2 meanings.

Put on by the Environmental Club at lakeland project to raise money for our new project call the The Green Roof Project. We have blueprints of a building we are looking to afford to build and the whole roof is covered with plants. In Toronto 10% of the roof on new buildings have to be green, by law. Its a new movement and we would like to build a model here on the quad of Lakeland campus with the support of community members. This is the first meaning of green in greenspiel.

The 'spiel runs Jan. 21-23 2011. Its going to be a bonspiel put on mainly for people that have limited experience curling but would like to get out with some friends or family and give it a go. That's the second meaning of our Greenspiel green=inexperienced. However all curlers are encouraged to come out and curl to support our project.

Entry fee is only $120/team. Donations are accepted with great appreciation.
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