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Governor General's Academic Medal

governor general's academic medalThe Governor General's Acadmeic Medal was established in 1873 by Lord Dufferin. It is awarded to the student who graduates with the highest academic standing in a diploma-level post-secondary program.

The medal is numbered and engraved with the Crest of the Royal Arms of Canada.

Lakeland College has been presenting these academic medals since 1988.
2016 Medalist Shelby Robbins
Shelby RobbinsBeing part of the Rustlers Rodeo Team, being able to board her horse on campus and take the lead in labs are the top three highlights of Shelby Robbins’ Lakeland College experience. And now being the fifth animal health technology student to receive the Governor General's Academic Medal is likely to be the top highlight of Robbin's overall Lakeland journey. 

“I am very honoured to be recognized with this,” says Robbins, of Daysland, Alta.

From a young age, Robbins wanted to work with animals. Following three semesters at the University of Alberta and some time spent working in a vet clinic, Robbins made her way to Lakeland College to pursue her passion.

“I went from classes with hundreds of students to smaller ones here. Lakeland instructors took the time to know who we are and I found that they were the best part of this program,” she says. “They were all so supportive and helpful.”

Achieving the highest academic standing was not without its challenges for Robbins  given her extra-curricular activities. Beyond the classroom she was a member of the Rustlers Rodeo Team and a member of the Rodeo Club. Robbins was also a member of the Canadian Intercollegiate Rodeo Association and Alberta Barrel Racing Association.

“It was a lot to juggle but I really enjoyed school,” says Robbins.

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2015 Medalist Roxy Korth
Roxy Korth in cap and gown holding Governor General's medalRoxy Korth is the fourth animal health technology student to win the highest academic achievement medal in the past five years. At left she holds her medal after the afternoon ceremonies in Vermilion on May 29.

Achieving the highest average at Lakeland College  - a GPA of 4.0 - took a mix of dedication and long hours of studying. For Korth, who previously obtained her bachelors of animal science from the University of Alberta, learning at Lakeland College has proven to be a memorable experience for many reasons.

“I loved it. It’s really hands-on, the teachers are awesome and the group of students I studied with was great,” says Korth, of Irma, Alta. As a member of the AHT Club, Korth took part in fundraising initiatives for the Lloydminster & District SPCA and the club’s trip to the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas. Following her practicum at the Iron Creek Veterinary Hospital in Sedgewick, Alta., Korth was offered a full-time position. She accepted and plans on pursuing her passion for animals there for now.

“I work with animals and I really enjoy the medical side of this work,” Korth says, adding she isn’t ruling out veterinary medicine school in the future. “I love it here – AHT is where it’s at.”
2014 Medalist Shauntelle Fox
Shauntelle Fox with Ed Stelmach and 2014 governor general's medalFor the second consecutive year and the third time in four years, an animal health technology graduate is the recipient of the Governor's General medal for Lakeland College.

Shauntelle Fox (left), of Chauvin, Alta, received her medal at afternoon ceremony on the Vermilion campus. Presenting the medal is former Alberta premier Ed Stelmach (right).
2013 Medalist Hayley Down
Hayley Down of Maryfield, Sask., a graduate of the Animal Health Technology program at the Vermilion campus, earned the 2013 Governor General's medal. She is the second animal health tech student to win the past 3 years. Hayley first came to Lakeland for the veterinary medical assistant program.
2012 Medalist Janelle LaBrecque
Janelle LaBrecque, of St. Paul, Alta., graduated from the financial services diploma program. Besides winning this medal, she also earned the highest score among all candidates across Canada who wrote the Canadian Investment Funds course (CIFC) exam offered by the Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) in December 2011
2011 Medalist Jennelle Russell
Jennelle Russell graduated with a perfect 4.0 grade point average from the Animal Health Technology program. She is originally from Edmonton, Alta.
2010 Medalist Chelsea Gatzke
Chelsea Gatzke, graduated from the Conservation & Restoration Ecology (CARE) program in 2010. Gatzke, from Spirit Wood, Sask, continued her education at Lakeland College by enroling in the applied environmental management degree.
Medal Winner Archives




 1988-89  Ken Kingdon   Recreation & Parks 
 1989-90  Leslie Bryan   Business Administration
 1990-91  Paula Mutter
 Business Administration - Accounting
 1991-92  Jamie Kotowich
 Business Administration - Accounting
 1992-93  Jason Carde
 Business Administration -Accounting
 1993-94  Kevin Ramsay
 Business Administration - Computer Sciences
 1994-95  Lorraine Lamoureux
 Interior Design
 1995-96  Joanna Coleman
 Rehabilitation Services
 1996-97  Randall Kostiuk
 Business Administration - Computer Sciences
 1997-98  Marianne Caldwell
 Business Administration
 1998-99  Michael Fernandez
 Environmental Protection Tech
 1999-2000  Terri-Lee Murray
 Natural Resources Technology
 2000-01  Daphne Isaak
 Early Childhood Development
 2001-02  M. Vawn McLean
 2002-03  Dana Pederson
 Early Childhood Development
 2003-04  Monica Sczyrba
 Adventure Tourism & Outdoor Recreation
 2004-05  Jaime Arcand
 Environmental Conservation & Reclamation
 2005-06  Michael Arnold
 Appraisal & Assessment
 2006-07  Bethany L'Heureux
 Environmental Protection Technology 
 2007-08  Alma Noel
 Early Learning & Childcare
 2008-09  Janey Rolheiser
 Professional Accounting
 2009-10  Chelsea Gatzke
Conservation & Restoration Ecology
 2010-11  Jennell Russell
Animal Health Technology
 2011-12  Janelle LaBrecque Financial Services
 2012-13  Hayley Down
Animal Health Technology
 2013-14  Shauntelle Fox Animal Health Technology
 2014-15 Roxee Korth
Animal Health Technology
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