Awards, Scholarships & Bursaries

You need to think about both internal--Lakeland College--and external--all the other--awards and scholarships that may be available to you.
Lakeland offers awards, scholarships and bursaries. Learn the difference between the three types of free money in the grid below.

Don't forget to check out possible awards. Many scholarships aren't awarded because they didn't have an applicant. We list some of those possibilities in our external awards page, but this is just a sample.
  • Start by checking around your community for other possibilities.
  • Organizations that you, your parents or even your grandparents belong to may also have a scholarship or bursary.
  • Does the company you or your parents work for offer scholarship?
  • Check organizations related to your program of study, they may have an award.
  • Check national listings (on our external awards page) for scholarship listings.

Entrance Awards
& Scholarships

Entrance Awards & Scholarships

Criteria for selection includes academic excellence, leadership and involvement throughout high school. Accepted and provisionally accepted students will receive the Entrance Awards application form in early March. Deadline to apply is May 1.

Final selection will be made by the awards office and recipients will be notified in June. Funds will be awarded in October upon confirmation of full-time enrolment.

Continuing Awards &

Continuing Awards & Scholarships

Recognizes and rewards outstanding achievements of currently enrolled and continuing full-time students. Criteria for selection may include academic achievement, leadership skills and potential through involvement and participation in their program, student clubs, student government, college activities, sports activities and/or community organizations.

Many awards and scholarships need no application as selection is determined by the Awards Committee, recommendation of program faculty, or nomination.

Forms for awards and scholarships that need an application form will be available on the website and through the Financial Aid & Awards Office. 
The application period for most is January of each year  with a January 31 deadline. 
However, some are selected at the end of the academic year. While our database is unavailable, we will list those awards & scholarships along with their deadlines.



The primary qualifying criteria is financial need. Eligible students must maintain satisfactory academic standing.

Bursary application forms will be made available by the Financial Aid & Awards Office mid-October each year. Deadline to apply is November 15. Bursaries are awarded in January upon confirmation of enrolment in Semester 2 and are made payable to the recipients.

Awards, Bursaries & Scholarships
Searchable Database

Awards, Bursaries & Scholarships Searchable Database

Lakeland's searchable  awards, bursaries and scholarships database is back. We're hoping to change to make it more modern. Be prepared for a slight wait before the search appears on your screen.

Application &
Nomination Forms

Application & Nomination Forms

Application and nomination forms are on our forms page.


Award Celebrations

Lakeland recognizes both donors and award recipients.
Banquets are held on each campus in March.
See more on our award celebrations page.

Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Lakeland's Academic Excellence Scholarship is based on your grade 11 marks. If your average is 85% or over, you could be eligible for this scholarship.
University transfer, business, environmental sciences and interior design program applicants are all eligible.


External Awards

There are an abundance of awards and scholarships outside of the more than $1.5 million we give to students.
Our external awards page has just some of the many places where you could get help with funding your education.

Saskatchewan Advantage

Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship

The Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship is open to anyone who graduated from a Saskatchewan high school after January 1, 2012. You can be studying either part or full time.