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Your first student loan application can be a bit intimidating, but there are a lot of guides on how to fill out the forms and what to do if you are experiencing problems.

Along with student loan questions, this FAQ also has answers to common questions Lakeland College staff get about our awards, bursaries and scholarships.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, check out the rest of the financial aid and awards site. If you still need an answer, email us at
Do I have to apply for a new government student loan for each year of my program?
Yes. When you apply for a government student loan, you should be applying for the current academic year. Because of circumstances/life changes (e.g., you  choose to transfer into a new program of study, or a new school), the government will not approve funding for more than one year at a time.
Do I have to apply to the province and the federal government?
No. By completing a student loan application for the province you live in (see below about residency requirements), you are being considered for loans with both the provincial and federal government.
Do I apply for a student loan through the province I am from, or the province where the school I am attending is?
You need to apply for a government student loan through the province where you have lived for the last 12 months or longer. Even if you move to the province of your school prior to your program start date, if you haven’t lived in that province for at least 12 months, you don’t qualify for funding from that province.
At least a few students in my class have received grants from the government and they didn't expect them. How would I go about applying or receiving grants? Are there specific requirements?
When you submit your student loan application, the government looks at things such as income level, whether you’re from a northern community, if you have any dependents and if you are married among other things to determine whether you will be receiving a loan, or a grant, or both. The government informs you at the point they send you your student loan approval breakdown whether you are receiving any grants and what the amount of those grants are.
Who should I contact if there’s a problem with my student loan?

Your first contact should be with your provincial student funding centre. Call Student Aid Alberta Service Centre 1 855 606 2096 (toll free in North America) Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 8:30 pm or the National Student Loan Service Centre (NSLSC) at 1 888 815-4514. If they call you, return their calls.

The NSLSC also administers:

  • Canada Student Loans
  • Canada Student Loans for Part-time Students
  • Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loans
  • Canada-Saskatchewan Integrated Student Loans
  • Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Integrated Student Loans
  • Canada-New Brunswick Integrated Student Loans
  • Canada-British Columbia Integrated Student Loans
Why can’t I find the Entrance awards application online?
  • The entrance awards application is mailed out in early spring to students who have been accepted or conditionally accepted to Lakeland College for the next academic year. 

  • Only students who have been accepted or conditionally accepted are eligible to receive the awards. 

  • To minimize the number of people applying who do not qualify, Lakeland College does not make the application available on our website. 

  • If you think you qualify, but have not received an application, please contact:


When can I start applying for awards, scholarships, and bursaries at Lakeland College?

There are three main periods that you will want to remember: 

  • Entrance Awards applications are due May 1 each year. If you have been accepted or conditionally accepted to Lakeland college for the following September, you will be mailed the application form for entrance awards starting in March.
  • Bursary applications are available starting October 15 each year. Bursaries are based primarily on financial need.  Current students of Lakeland College can apply for these by picking up an application from Student Services on either the Vermilion or Lloydminster campus, or going online to:

  • The application for Continuing Scholarships and Awards is available starting the first day back in Semester II (usually around January 4). Current students at Lakeland College can apply by picking up the application from Student Services on either the Vermilion or Lloydminster campuses. Because these applications are campus specific and there are other award applications available at this time of year, Lakeland College does not make the Continuing Scholarships and Awards application available on our website.


How do I apply for the specific awards I think I qualify for?

Some awards and scholarships do have individual application forms. For the most part our awards, scholarships and bursaries are part of the larger applications—such as the Entrance Awards Application, Bursary Application, Continuing Scholarships and Awards application (see the drop-down menu above for deadlines).  This means that by completing the larger application forms you are applying for multiple awards, scholarships or bursaries. 

Lakeland College also has a number of awards that are by nomination. To determine whether an award, scholarship, or bursary is by application or nomination, please refer to our database:

Download the Lakeland College App.  Checking it on a regular basis is helpful because any time an application is available or coming due, a notice is posted on the App.

Does Lakeland College know if I have been chosen to receive an external award or scholarship?
No. Unless you tell us, or the organization/company to which you applied for the award or scholarship chooses to forward the award payment to us, Lakeland College is not aware of whether a student receives an external scholarship or award. Most of the time we are not informed of external award recipients, unless we’ve been asked to help identify potential winners. You will need to contact the company or organization you applied to in order to find this information out.
What is an external award or scholarship?
Any award or scholarship that you do not directly apply for through Lakeland College or any award cheques that come from another source are considered external to Lakeland College. This includes awards available through sources like towns, counties, corporations and foundations. Lakeland College tries to inform students of external award opportunities as much as possible and will help in completing applications, if possible, but the college is not made aware of the results of a student’s application. Correspondence is between the external source and the applicant.
Where can I find information about the awards, scholarships, and bursaries available through Lakeland College?
Lakeland College offers a searchable database on our website of all scholarships, awards, and bursaries administered through the college. To see details on each, visit:
Additional Information from CanLearn
For answers to other student loan questions, go the CanLearn website.
My funder is asking for confirmation of enrolment. How do I get that?
The type of document you need depends who is funding you - a government agency, a company or organization.  Contact Admissions at 1 800 661 6490 extension 8672 for more information.
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