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Do you have 85% or better average in grade 11?

Are you a resident of Canada?

Are you in grade 12 now?

Are you thinking of  business? university transfer? environmental sciences? or interior design?

Choose Lakeland--with a minimum 85 per cent average in grade 11 subjects, you could get a minimum $1,500 entrance scholarship at Lakeland College.

If your average is higher, the scholarship goes higher.
  • an 85% average gets you a $1,500 scholarship
  • a 90% average gets you a $2,500 scholarship
  • a 95% average gets you a $3,500 scholarship

Use your grade 11 marks to establish your average. Check out the eligible subjects in the drop down list. We now have a subject comparison chart for 5 Canadian provinces.

You don't have to apply. We just need your grade 11 transcript. 
Eligible Subjects
Use your marks in these courses to establish your average. Eligible subjects are English plus four of the following subjects. Check out your province.

    Grade 11 Core Academic Subjects by Province

    Subject Alberta British Columbia Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario
    English English
    ELA 20-1
    English 11 ELA 20 One of
    ELA (30S) Comp, Lit, or Tran
    Choose One
    Mathematics 20-1, or Mathematics 20-2  Pre-Calculus 11, or Foundations of Mathematics 11 Pre-Calculus 20 or
    Math: Foundations 20
    Pre-Calculus Mathematics (30S)
    or Applied Mathematics (30S)
    Choose one
    Biology 20
    Chem 20
    Physics 20
    Science 20
    Biology 11
    Chemistry 11
    Physics 11
    Environmental Science 20
    Science 20
    Physical Science 20
    Biology 30S
    Chem 30S
    Physics 30S
    Social Studies
    Choose one
    Social Studies 20-1
    Social Studies 20-2
    Social Studies 11,
    Civic Studies 11
    Studies 20,
    History 20, Native
    Studies 20,
    Economics 20, Geography 20, Psychology 20
    History of Canada(30F), Physical Geography (30S), Agriculture:  Cornerstone Industry (30S) NBE3U CHA3U HSP3M HRT3M NDA3M CIE3M CGD3M CGF3M CHW3M CLU3M
    Choose another grade 11 science, or a second language such as French
    How to Apply
    No special scholarship application is needed after you apply to Lakeland College.

    Just submit your grade 11 marks. We need a signed transcript) by April 30. Please include what grade 12 subjects you are taking.
    Terms & Conditions
    • Only grade 12 students are eligible. Only applicants who submit their grade 11 marks by April 30 are eligible to receive an academic excellence entrance scholarship
    • Programs include university transfer, business (majors include accounting, real estate appraisal and assessment, general business, marketing, small business & entrepreneurship), environmental sciences (majors include conservation and restoration ecology, environmental conservation and reclamation, water conservation & management, and wildlife and fisheries conservation), and interior design technology.
    • An academic excellence entrance scholarship is applied directly against tuition fees for the recipient’s first academic year of study. Half of the scholarship amount will be applied to the first semester tuition fees. If the recipient has maintained a good academic standing, the other half will be applied to the second semester’s tuition fees.
    • There is no cash value nor can it be applied to books or supplies.
    • There is no refund if a person withdraws.
    • There is no cash payout if tuition fees are less than the scholarship amount.
    • Recipients must take a 100 per cent course load of classes starting in the fall (includes first and second semester).
    • Self-reported marks are not considered. Lakeland College requires an official transcript of your grade 11 marks.
    • Other terms and conditions may apply.
    For more information, contact:
    Scholarship Statistics
    Scholarships awarded in the last 3 years:
    • 2015/16, 26 scholarships valued at $48,000 were awarded.
    • 2016/17, 21 scholarships valued at $44,500 were awarded.
    • 2017/18, 25 scholarships valued at $51,500 were awarded.
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