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Lakeland College introduced its mobile app in late August 2014. Developed by the Canadian company OOHLALA, the app is specifically designed for our current students.

It's available to download free from Apple and Android app stores. Just search Lakeland College.

Or, click on your mobile device's app store below. Or, scan the QR code. Sorry, no Windows app.

 available on android store graphic Available on the Apple Store graphic
Android QR code
Apple QR code

Watch for the 3rd annual #WhatIdidthissummer photo contest starting in mid-August.
Understand the app - start with the menu tab
Located at the bottom of your screen is the menu tab. This the way to navigate through the different parts of the app. Check the next drop downs for more information about each of these areas.
Campus Guide
screen shot of student life section of campus guide on lakeland college mobile appThe Campus Guide has two parts: Student Life & Campus Life.

Under each area are a set of tabs where you can go for more information.

Students Life includes:
  • Orientation Streams - by campus, program and year. Tells you where to be and when on orientation/registration day. Includes a separate to-do list with reminders about paying fees, filling out a wireless access form and other things you should do.
  • Events - one of the most popular and used part of the app is our listing of events. If you see a club, organization or service on campus that isn't posting events, let them know you want to see there events here.
  • Clubs & Organizations - a listing of clubs and organizations such as schools with email address, website, phone and description.
  • Campus Services - More about services from counselling to the library, and cafeteria to security.
  • Twitter feed - See what's trending on the @LakelandCollege Twitter account without going to Twitter
  • Watch for more - there are more possibilities here, such as athletics.

Campus Information  includes:

  • Courses a listing of all the currently offered courses at Lakeland College.
  • Maps a listing of locations around both campuses. When you click on the location, you'll see where it is on the respective campus.
  • Links is a series of quick links to commonly used places on the website. This includes the portals to My Lakeland and D2L as well as My Student Plan, the Equine Centre calendar and the library.
screen shot of timetable on mobile appThis calendar has what is known as the academic schedule. This includes holidays, days the college is closed, convocation dates and deadlines for dropping and adding classes.

You may add your own events to this calendar. You may also add an event from the events feed to the calendar.

If you like, you can also add courses to this calendar. Start are courses, find your course, and then add the times.
Campus Wall & Channels
One of the most interactive parts of the mobile app is the Wall. This is your community.arrow pointing to settings button on mobile app

There's a main student feed, and you can also choose to follow and post in some specific channels. Those channels are:
  • Buy & Sell
  • Lost + Found
  • Housing
  • Newsvisible channels list on the mobile app
  • Ride Sharing
  • Vermilion Campus
  • Lloydminster Campus

You can turn these channels off and on, and also turn the notifications from these channels off and on [see graphic at right].

Start at the top right with the gear symbol, also known as settings button [see graphic above right], and then turn channels off and on.

Why use the channels?
If you a buying or selling something, or lost or found something, it's a lot easier to locate a specific post if it's on a designated channel. Pick that channel and that's the only posts you'll see.If you're looking for a specific textbook, for example, then all you will see are posts related to buying and selling. So, you save time not having to scroll through all posts on the entire student feed.

Once you set your visible channels they will appear above the wall feed (see below).
screen shot of channels on mobile app wall
You can click on a particular channel to see just the posts for that channel.


You may also choose to turn the notifications on or off for none, one, selected or all of these channels. You make the choice. Use the setting button to go to notifications.
The inbox allows you to send and receive messages to other people who use the app.
screen shot of Rowdy's mobile app profileMuch like social media such as Facebook, the mobile app allows you to create a profile. Your profile photo is what people see when you comment on the wall or send messages.

Your profile also shows places and groups you are using on the app.

screen shot of events on the mobile appEvents is one of the most used parts of the app.

Each event has a photo, an event title, date and time and a the start of event details.

When you click on the event there is more information including the location with map detail.
screen shot of links on mobile appThese links are designed to save you time.

They will be even better once the whole website is responsive later in Fall 2016.
Orientation Stream
The orientation stream tab is only available before orientation/registration days. It has a lot of listings - by year and by program - for the September intake. We're working on providing this same type of information for apprenticeship and ETC intakes during other times in the academic year.
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