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Eating at Lakeland


Vermilion cafeteria hot food with short order, specials and TV menusBoth our campuses have cafeterias. You can drop in for coffee or a meal at the campus LC Cafe operated by Aramark Canada. Purchase a declining balance card or just use cash, debit, VISA or MasterCard. All the options are explained on the Campusdish website.

LC Cafe Vermilion
 is open Monday–Friday:
September to April - 7:30 am – 4 pm
May-June - 7:30 am -1:30 pm Subject to change.
Closed annually July to mid-August.

LC Cafe Lloydminster is open Monday–Friday:
September to April - 7:30 am - 3 pm.
Closed May - mid-August

Vending Machines
Vending machines are located throughout both campuses. This includes beverage machines on the decks of residence buildings in Vermilion and in the residence administration building in Lloydminster.

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