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Lloydminster Residence Village

Living on Campus in Lloydminster

Living at the Residence Village means you're just a quick walk away from the main campus and the Bud Millar Park is right on your doorstep.

Our Residence Village has two types of buildings -- spinwheels for single students and townhouses for families.

Every spinwheel suite includes 8 single bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a communal kitchen and living room.

Townhouses all have 2 bedrooms. See single student and family housing for more details (left menu).

You can see what each facility looks like by taking a 360° virtual tour!

Laundry facilities, a study game room and mail services are all available in the central residence building.

For information about moving into residence, check out the Lakeland fyi page.

If you have any questions, please contact the residence office:
What to Bring
Settling into residence requires you bring things to make the room your own and to add to your personal comfort. Here are needed and optional items.

You’ll need:
  • bedding [Twin flat and fitted sheets, blankets, pillow]
  • wash cloths, bath towels and bath mat
  • soap--for bathing, laundry, and dishes
  • toilet paper
  • cleaning supplies for bathroom
  • cooking equipment [pots/pans, dishes, toaster]
  • 1 or 2 place settings plus cutlery
  • dish cloths and towels
  • alarm clock
  • telephone
  • desk lamp
  • padlock/combo lock
  • clothes hangers wastepaper basket
  • laundry bag/hamper
  • posters—to decorate your room
  • recreation equipment--swim suit, squash, badminton or racquetball racquet, ball glove, cards, board games
Optional items
  • steam iron--ironing boards provided in dorm laundry rooms
  • foamy--for your bed if you prefer a softer mattress
  • small fan is a good idea for fall and spring as rooms are not air-conditioned
  • small stereo/computer/TV/DVD/VCR are okay to bring but please check into personal insurance
  • headphones for your stereo or computer
  • electric power bar with surge protection for your computer
Note: No additional furniture is allowed in the residences without permission of the residence office. You are not allowed to disassemble college furniture or take it outside.

Printable What to bring to Lloydminster -list (pdf)
What Not to Bring
There are some big no-nos: Pets of any kind, firearms, bows/arrows/hunting knives, explosive/flammable devices are not allowed in residence.
What not to bring list--Lloydminster. (pdf)
  • lllegal substances such as drugs. This is an automatic way to no longer live in residence.
  • Firearms of any type aren’t permitted in residence—and leave the ammunition at home, too. So, please don’t bring any type of gun as well as paintball and pellet guns, bows/arrows, hunting knives and explosive/flammable devices.
  • Small cooking appliances, microwaves or freezers are not permitted in your room for safety and sanitary reasons. A stove and 3 fridges are provided in the common dorm kitchens. Small appliances can be used in the spinwheel kitchens, but there is limited room. Mini fridges are permitted in the bedrooms.
  • Townhouse residents can bring whatever they can fit into their kitchens. The same rule applies for no small cooking appliances, microwaves, fridges and freezers in townhouse bedrooms.
  • Pets are not allowed on residence grounds or in rez buildings.
  • Candles, incense, fireworks and sparklers. If you have to light it—then don’t bring it. And remember there’s no smoking anywhere inside residence buildings.
  • Our campus grounds are quite beautiful, and to help keep them that way no ATVs and other off-road vehicles such as snowmobiles aren’t allowed on the main campus.
Zero Tolerance Policy
All residents are required to sign Lakeland College's zero tolerance policy (pdf).

This policy outlines unacceptable behaviors and actions. Violations of the policy by any resident or his/her guest will result in eviction.
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