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Moving into, Living in and Moving out of Residence

Most Lakeland students move into residence when the academic terms starts in September. Specific move-in information can be found on the registration residence move-in page and the Lakeland mobile app.

However, apprentices move in and out of residence between August and June, and our fire and emergency services program students also move in and out of residence between February and October.

This page has general information about moving in to residence as well as living in residence and moving out of residence (It's fun, but eventually it'll be time to go).
Residence Applications
Because there is an non-refundable application fee and security deposit, you are encouraged to wait to apply for residence until after you are accepted in a program.

You will be sent an application form after you are accepted.

We're sorry, but for now, you can't apply for residence on-line.
Move-in Day
You will be notified by email of your move-in day.

For September to April programs, the fyi site will have the designated move-in days.

If you are an apprentice or fire student, move-in is usually the day before your program starts. You will also be notified of the day and times. If you are coming from a long distance or via public transportation, contact the residence office about your arrival time to make special arrangements.
Before You Move In
There are essentials that you should bring to residence for your comfort, ease and ability to live while you're here. There's also some optional items that really depend on you and your lifestyle: Do you iron your clothes?  Then bring an iron.

There are also some things you shouldn't bring--such as a gun if you are a hunter.

Check out the Lloydminster residence and Vermilion residence main pages for what to bring and what not to bring.
On Move-in Day
You will have several forms to fill out when you move in:top of zero tolerance policy form
  • your residence contract--like a lease you'd sign for an apartment
  • a room inspection form--you note anything that isn't perfect in your room--dents and scratches for example. This inspection report will be used again when you move out.
  • the zero tolerance policy--this policy explains the things that will get you evicted immediately and by signing you agree to abide by the policy
Your rent is due at move-in.
Living in Residence
Like most things in life, the residence experience is up to you. It's convenient to campus and a great place to meet people. But there isn't a maid or a mother to clean up after you. Sometimes it can be noisy. Sometimes your roommate will drive you crazy. And sometimes you wonder how come life is so much fun.

There are rules about things such as where alcohol is allowed and how long guests can stay. You'll get a residence handbook that explains the rules as well as providing handy contact numbers and tips.
Moving Out of Residence
If you leave residence before your contract end-date, your damage deposit and any unused portion of rent will be returned to you.

One month before the end of semester two, you will be given a list of things that will need to be done when you move out. An inspection of your room will be done by your Residence Assistant, or will be done by residence staff after you move out.  Your inspection report will be used at this time to compare what you wrote down at the beginning of the year to the state your room is in when you move out.

Please make sure to stop in at the residence office if you have any questions about moving out.
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