Student Forms

If nothing else, you may need the form known as application for credential. It's your apply to graduate form. It's also available in the convocation section and can be filled out online there.
Our forms are all interactive, so they can be filled in online. Many, however, require a signature, so you might have to also print it out and sign it before you submit it.
Here are some other commons forms.



If you need an official Lakeland transcript, you can request one in person or in writing.
In either case the transcript is free.
You just need the transcript request form (pdf). It's interactive and fillable online.
If you need more information about getting a transcript, see our transcript page.

T2202A forms

T2202A forms

T2202A forms are available for the current tax year to current students on My Lakeland in late February.
  • Look for finances (see graphic and a link to T2202A
  • Select the year and print your form.
  • You can retrieve T2202A tax forms as far back as 2011 on My Lakeland.
  • If your tax form will not open, please disable your pop up blocker and allow pop ups from the site. Check your browser's settings for the pop up blocker.
If you are an apprentice or otherwise don't have access to My Lakeland, your T2202A will be mailed to you.

Human Services
Advanced Practicum Credit

Human Services Advanced Practicum Credit

If you have relevant experience that could replace a required practicum in early learning & child care, child & youth care or educational assistant, then you may apply for an advanced practicum credit.

Please note:
  • Advanced credit can only be granted for one practicum per program.
  • You will also need to get evaluation forms done by 2 employers.
Human Services Advanced Practicum Credit form (pdf). This form is interactive and can be filled in and saved online.

Student Status

Student Status Changes

You may need one of the following forms if you make changes to your student status. All of forms are interactive, so you can fill them in and then print, or simply download and print. Some will require signatures, so will need to be printed and signed by you, as well as others.
Before you fill out a form, you should talk to an academic advisor or department chair. Also check the academic schedule to make sure you don't miss deadlines.


FOIP Consent

Lakeland College complies with the provincial Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. If you wish to give a parent, guardian or someone else access to your information at Lakeland, you may do so by using the Confidential Information Consent form (pdf).


Student Appeals

Before completing this form, you  should review the Student Grievance and Appeal procedure found in Student Policies and Procedures
Once you understand the procedure, you'll better understand what you're filling out.

Health & Dental

Health & Dental Claims

You need to have your LCSA Care Card. You can download it from or pick it up at the SA office on your campus during your coverage year.

The care card provides the correct information needed for pay direct transactions at pharmacies and processing electronic claims at dental offices registered with the insurer's direct payment system.

When you get your card, sign it and fill in your student ID number in the space on the card's front.
Make a claim online: