Centennial Souvenirs & Wine

All the souvenirs are available at both the Vermilion and Lloydminster bookstores.

Please see the list of where the wine is available.

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BBQ Seasoning $6.66

Centennial Chocolates $9.50
Assorted dark & milk chocolate
by Serotonin Chocolates
Coffee Mug $15.95 

Copper Travel Mug $23.60

Black & White Golf Shirt  $23.75
(Ladies’ XS-XL, Men’s S – XXL)

Yoga-style Jacket $44.05
(grey only)
Ball Caps $10.50
centennial logo baseball style hats 
Christmas Ornament$12.25
Hoodie $19.17
(XS – XXL, grey, black)
T-Shirt $18
(black, grey & blue)
Keychain/Screwdriver  $9.45
Safety Tool $37.80
Mitts $22.80 & Toque $18.25
Men’s & Ladies’ Sweater Jackets $54.60
(Ladies’ XS – XXL, Men’s S-XXXL
heather grey, light heather)
Sweat pants $18.22
(XS – XXL, grey, black)
Wine Box $50
Handcrafted cedar wine box. Holds 2 bottles (not included). Removable centre slot enables multipurpose use

Ever 2 Excel Lakeland College Centennial wine, white and redLakeland College’s Ever2Excel special vintage wine (red and white) available now at:

Old Liquor Store
Prairie Place Liquor Store
Lorraine’s Liquor Store
Vermilion Liquor Mart

Cornerstone Liquor Store

A portion of every bottle goes towards Lakeland College’s Centennial Endowment Fund for Scholarships and Awards.

Wine Bag $6
Wine Charms $18.22
All of the college crests
through the years plus
the centennial logo