Seeking the Spirit of Our Story

It's the story of a century--more than bricks and mortar, more than political decisions and more than the technological changes of the 20th century.

There are already at least 4 history books that chronicle the beginnings of Vermilion Agricultural School to the 75th anniversary of Lakeland College in 1988. The 50th anniversary and 75th anniversary texts have details we don't plan to duplicate, but will mine for some of the features on this website.

Two books that examine the provincial schools of agriculture also provide a complete background and context for how and when VSA was established and how agricultural college evolved: Alberta's Schools of Agriculture A Brief History by alumnus E.B. Swindlehurst published in 1964 and The Sixth Decade at the Alberta Agricultural Colleges by J.E.Birdsall that examined the changes afoot from 1964 to 1974. Lakeland's historical acknowledge committee is already indebted to the history complied in these 4 books.

This site will show all the elements of Lakeland College's history. The timeline will take you through the when. The gallery will show you in photos some of those times, events and people.

With your help, we'll also be building more about the spirit of Lakeland College. It's a strong one. For example, over 250 people turned out  for a summer reunion at the height of the depression when there wasn't much to celebrate.
Watch the front of this site for updates. Please get involved in the activities either by attending them or being a volunteer (see the form on the contact page).

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