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Your Success is Ours

We offer many services to students with disabilities while they attend Lakeland College

What are Accommodations?
These are supports and or services that help a student with a disability access curriculum and other learning experiences to achieve the outcomes. Some examples include the following:
  • tutors
  • extended time on examinations
  • learning strategy instruction
  • assistive technology.

Our services and programs fall into the following categories and each has its own website section: 

If you need accommodation, contact us before you come. We recommend 4 months for full-time students. Check the drop down for the process.

If you are in the Vermilion or Lloydminster areas, come to the Commons and visit an accessibility advisor.

If you need an accommodation, here's the process arrow View
  1. It is best to let the College know about your learning needs before you arrive on campus. To guarantee accommodations we recommend you contact us prior to your program/course start date.
  2. Bring all your current documents that describe your needs.
  3. Speak with an accessibility advisor, to discuss potential accommodation.
Accessibility Advisors are available to consult with both students and instructors about appropriate academic accommodations and adaptations for students with disabilities.

Instructors may also request more information about communication and instructional techniques to help their students with disabilities.

Tips for Success arrow View
Your success is important to you, and to us. Here are some tips for improve your chances for success.
  • Plan ahead.
  • Make connections with the Commons.
  • Be a part of the process. You understand your learning style best, so you can make suggestions about what works for you.
  • Give feedback and ask questions when necessary. You are your own best advocate!
  • Work with instructors and the Commons staff in a timely manner. A 48-hour notice gives all team members, including you, a chance to organize your accommodations for tests, quizzes, tutors and any other help.
  • Attend all classes. 
  • Follow the suggestions that you have heard before about healthy eating, exercise, stress management, and adequate sleep.

Duty to Accommodate arrow View
The Duty to Accommodate Students with Disabilities in Post-Secondary Institutions Interpretive Bulletin lists Responsibilities of the student seeking accommodation (p. 8) and Responsibilities of the post-secondary institution (p. 10):