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Students with language-based learning disabilities may experience difficulties with one or both of the following:
  • Reading--decoding, word recognition, phonics, comprehension
  • Written language--spelling, written expression

Academic Accommodations

Once a learning disability has been diagnosed and evaluated by a registered Clinical or Educational Psychologist, students may be eligible for academic accommodations that may include:
  • Reader and/or scribe for tests and exams.
  • Reduced course load
  • Audio recordings of lectures.
  • Assistive technology such as laptop, voice recognition and speech to text software
  • Alternate format of course material digital textbooks, e-text, books on tape for assignments and exams
  • Content tutor

Classroom Strategies

Students with language-based learning disabilities may benefit from the following instructional strategies:
  • Provide feedback error analysis of tests and exams
  • Provide outlines and organizational structure for class lectures
  • Use demonstrations, visual aids, and concrete examples to reinforce course material
  • Introduce key vocabulary and concepts before each unit of course material
  • Allow for questions for student clarification before the start of an assignment or task
  • Give access to lecture notes or PowerPoint presentation slides
For more information, see Understanding Disabilities or go the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada website.

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