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Find Articles from Journals, Magazines and Newspapers

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Using Journal Articles

Journals, magazines and newspapers are an excellent source of current information but they do not usually provide background information or basic information on a topic. It is a good idea to use books and encyclopedias to find this background information or basic information on your topic before you search for articles.

Finding Journal Articles

There are several ways to find articles. Finding articles is a 4 step process:

  1. Go to the Library shelves and look through the print copies of journals, magazines and newspapers. This is not recommended. It is a "hit and miss" way of finding information that is ineffective and not very efficient. It is often very frustrating, not to mention that it forces you to make a visit to the Library even when it may not be convenient.
  2. Use the Library electronic databases to find citations (references) to articles on your topic. An electronic database is a tool that allows you to search across hundreds or even thousands of different journals, magazines and newspapers for articles on a particular topic or for articles by a specific author.
  3. From your search results, determine if the article(s) are available in full text format on the database. This means you can read or print the article(s) from your computer.
  4. The Full text finder icon on your results page will assist you in identifying if the article(s) you want is available in full text in other Library databases or whether the Library has a print copy of the journal, magazine or newspaper that has the article(s) you are looking for.
If the article(s) you want are not available in full text in the databases and the Library does not have print copies of the journal, magazine or newspaper, you can request the articles through the Library's interlibrary loan service.

See the 'Database Search' box to begin searching our databases for journal articles. Use the 'One Stop Search' box to search for journal articles and books at the same time.