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2 Paths to Meeting Entrance Requirements

If you don't meet our entrance requirements, we can help you, by finding the right path that works best for you.

Those paths are:
  • Academic prep modules
  • Entrance screening

Each path is described in more details in a drop down below.

For more information, contact Carley King, Learner Pathways Coordinator:

  • Call 780 871 5746, toll-free at 1 800 661 6490 ext. 5746
  • Fax 780 871 5448
  • Email
  • Drop by her office in the Lloydminster Commons, Room 2078
Academic Prep Modules arrow View
These modules allow you to prepare for entrance screening exams.

All the modules are online during our learning management system, D2L. Best of all:
  • all modules are self-paced. You begin and end whenever you are ready
  • you have access to the modules any time and from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection
  • all modules are free
  • you will access to free tutorial and technical support from the academic prep advisor

Available modules are:

  • Math
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • ESL
  • General Science
  • Physics
Entrance Screening arrow View
If you don't meet the academic requirements you may challenge the requirements via entrance screening.

Entrance screening is standardized tests in either Math or English Language Arts.

If you meet the required grade level, you will be considered for acceptance into your program.

Entrance screening exams are written on the Lloydminster campus. If you live more than 200 km away from either campus, the exam can be taken at an exam centre close to you.

eCampus arrow View
Lakeland College is a partner institution with eCampusAlberta. This means that even though you may complete upgrading classes online through another institution, some Lakeland College resources are available to you. These include: access to our library computers as a public user, quiet workspaces, and an exam invigilator.

Some tips for students looking to upgrade through eCampusAlberta:
1. When applying, if you are within the Lloydminster/Vermilion area and want to write your exams at Lakeland, choose Lakeland College as your Partner Institution.
2. Real Time Classes are synchronous classes where you are expected to log into a computer and attend class via video conference during a scheduled time. If you are unable to make certain classes, all classes are recorded for you to view when you are able.
3. Anytime Classes are asynchronous classes that you can work on during times that are convenient to you.
4. You must contact the bookstore at the institution you are taking the classes from to order your books for your course.
5. Online classes require a student to be an independent learner who is intrinsically motivated.