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peer tutoring session in libraryCreating Success

No matter what you're studying--agriculture to apprenticeship, firefighting to university transfer--you are eligible for tutoring help.

Lakeland's program matches students who ask for help with an experienced student (who has completed the course) or a classmate. Tutoring can be one-on-one, or can be part of a larger session for a specific subject such as math.

If you need a tutor, this service is free. Learn more about how to get a peer tutor.

If you are tutor, you'll be paid. You'll benefit from training, building your resume and helping a classmate. Learn more about how to be a peer tutor.

Group Tutorials

Some courses just seem to require extra help. Group tutorials are often arranged for botany, mapping, chemistry, math and accounting. Sometimes they start at the beginning of the semester. Sometimes the first round of exams exposes a need for group tutoring.

What They Gained

A peer tutor relationship, whether you're giving or receiving help, has many benefits. Read the drop downs below for what some of our tutors and tutees have to say.
Crystal gained confidence in her environmental sciences mapping course... arrow View
Having a tutor was great and very helpful. My tutor, Melissa was the best, because she knew and understood mapping very well…She gave me hope and boosted my confidence in mapping because l had already concluded that it was a hard subject and I was not going to make it. But she made it easier for me. I remember always asking her at the end of every session: "That’s it? That’s all l had to know?" Having a tutor good tutor was very helpful.

Crystal M

1st year environmental sciences student
Alex tutored a group and had a positive, fulfilling experience... arrow View
My experience being a peer tutor at Lakeland College has been nothing but positive.

The instructors and mentors I touch base with regularly are nothing but positive, motivational, appreciative and understanding. They allow me to be creative and appreciate the thought I put into my sessions. Not only are my mentors great, but also having amazing students to work with makes me feel even more privileged to be a tutor.

The 4 girls I work with have been some of the hardest working, committed and determined girls I have met. They never treat my tutoring sessions as if they are a chore, they always come with lots of questions and they feed off of each other’s energy and determination.

I feel very passionate about anatomy. I find everything about it intriguing and amazing. Just the thought of all that my body is doing right now as I type this testimony, honestly, still blows my mind. This passion I feel about this course is something I want the girls I work with to feel when they are done.

I want them to truly understand the information and not just memorize it to get high marks then forget about it after their exam. I want them to be able to take information from this course and reapply it to everything else that they do.

When I found out that I was going to start tutoring regularly with a group, never once did I think of the money that I was going to be making. I was so excited that I was going to be given the opportunity to share my teaching/ learning ideas with them. I wanted to give them a positive experience from day one and give them the quality of education that I would be expect if I was in their shoes. Anatomy is not an easy course and if you do not understand the information, that just makes matters worse. I try my best to bring new ideas to the table with lots of visual tools. We create linear diagrams, anatomical posters, I have signed out the anatomy lab for an evening session before their lab final to familiarize them with the skeletons and models. The last thing I ever had planned was to sit and teach from the textbook. To me, anatomy is so much more than pictures in a book.

Because of the experience that I have had tutoring and the success that the girls have been having, I have been trying to think of a way where I can continue sharing my appreciation and knowledge once I have graduated from Lakeland College.

I now understand why people become teachers and instructors. The reward you feel when your students are thrilled about their marks and appreciate what you do is priceless.

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful and humbling opportunity.

Alex Galesloot
2nd year Animal Health Technology

Brett learned new and better ways to study... arrow View
My time being tutored by a peer was extremely helpful. They taught me new ways to study that helped a lot. They helped explain stuff that I didn’t understand and made it clear. They more than happy to reschedule a tutoring session if one different work.

Brett Z.

Robyn felt rewarded by sharing knowledge with others... arrow View
Getting to share my knowledge with others has always been very rewarding for me and I enjoyed my time as a peer tutor very much.

I got the chance to help as many as 17 of my fellow students work through accounting and go from zero knowledge and understanding of any concept given during class or what accounting even was, to excelling in problems, answering questions out loud, and evening helping other students in the group tutorials.

I would have to say that the most rewarding part of this entire process has been seeing the students come into my tutorials, lost, confused, and not willing to learn, and open up to the way I give the material, and have the “oh my goodness I get it” moment.

Of my 17 students I have had 10 consistently show up every week, devoted to learn, and now not only understand the material but I would almost say appreciate that they know accounting now.

Most of the students I had just needed a different view on the same material (different teaching style) to understand just how useful accounting can be.

More than once I have gotten the comment, “I have learned more with you Robyn than I have all semester in class” ...which makes me realize just how important peer tutoring actually is to the successful learning of others.

Robyn Gerrard
2nd year agribusiness student
Thomas helped students achieve their goals, and increased his knowledge on the subject... arrow View
I tutored for the first time at the college this semester.

Tutoring provided me with many challenges. I had to adapt to students’ differing learning styles and also had to refresh my memory in courses from the previous year.

I found tutoring fulfilling because I helped students achieve their personal goals. I also increased my own understanding and knowledge base of the subject matter.

I recommend becoming a tutor to increase your own knowledge and to help others increase theirs as well.

Thomas McAleer
2nd year environmental sciences