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Are you struggling with school? The Learner Success Strategist is there to help you with things like exam anxiety, finding out your learning style, improving your writing ability, study tips and tricks, and time management. 

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  • It's a Juggle - Bills itself as "Canada’s Digital Student Success Centre" and has a variety of student helps including those for writing. This site compiles and rates a number of sites including Grammar Girl tips and help sites from colleges and universities.
  • York University Student Papers & Activity Research Kit (SPARK) is based on 8 - 10 minute modules for every stage of writing. Examples and templates are included. The focus is on three areas 3 areas--getting started, exploring & pulling it together--with a number of topics in each of these areas. Video transcripts are also available.
  • Dartmouth University Institute for Writing and Rhetoric's materials for first year students including research, developing thesis, editing and grammar.
  • Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) is an extensive site covering general and academic writing, the mechanics of writing, punctuation, grammar, research, citation and more.
  • University of North Carolina's Writing Centre handouts includes reference material, and some videos, in four subject areas:

    •writing the paper
    •citation, style, and sentence level concerns
    •specific writing assignments/contexts
    •writing for specific fields

Style Guides and Citing Sources arrow View
A style guide, or a style manual, is a set of standards for document writing and design.

For example, Canadian newspapers use the Canadian Press style guide. Among the style elements is using the British "our" instead of the American "or" in words such as neighbour.

Lakeland College's library site has a citation help page listing citation style guides for APA, MLA and Chicago styles. There is also a specific style guide for environmental science students.

Post-secondary institutions usually use either the complete or a modified form of one of the following:
  • the APA Style Guide was developed by the American Psychological Association for scientific and other academic writing.
  • the MLA Style Guide was developed in the Modern Language Association and is commonly used in the humanities. Generally thought to be more simple and concise than other guides.
  • the Chicago Manual of Style was originally developed by the University of Chicago and now includes updates for the digital age.
Why cite sources? The University of Alberta Truth in Education Site lists 5 reasons why you should cite your sources.

Bibliography help Another U of A resource.

Style guides at York University - a website that goes through footnote and bibliography style guides.
Grammar arrow View
Grammar Girl - quick and including podcasts

HyperGrammar (University of Ottawa) is an electronic grammar course. It does have this warning: This package is currently under construction! You are welcome to use HyperGrammar over the Internet, but please be aware that it is incomplete and almost certainly contains some errors.

Interactive grammar quizzes from The Guide to Grammar and Writing is sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation includes over 170 quizzes from simple sentence structure to more difficult questions.

Grammar Bytes is a free open online course with exercises, tip sheets, videos, handouts and slide presentations.

Affective Grammar from the University of Regina looks at six key grammar functions:

  • sentences
  • sentence combinations
  • subject-verb agreement
  • pronoun-antecedent relationships
  • sequencing points and using quotations
  • dangling participles

Library Research Guides, also known as LibGuides arrow View
Lakeland College's library has a comprehensive set of LibGuides (Library Research Guides).

Arranged in broad topic areas--from addictions to wildlife biodiversity--the guides cover:
  • encyclopedias and other reference materials
  • finding books and DVDs
  • finding journal and magazine articles
  • finding and evaluating websites
  • citing sources
  • research help
Need Grammar/Plagiarism Help Writing Papers? arrow View

Grammarly is for you.

It is a web tool that is:
  • A grammar and revision device for academic writing.
  • Used to suggest grammar corrections and revisions.
  • Able to check or avoid potential plagiarism.
  • Free for students, staff and faculty.
  • Accessible from anywhere once your account has been created.
To access this program, you will need an account. For the 2017/2018 academic year, there is a new registration process for Lakeland users:
  • Students: An invitation was sent to your personal email account (given to Lakeland College when you registered) early in the term. As an alternative option, you can register at Grammarly EDU using your email address.  
  • Faculty and staff: You can register for an account using your College email address. Please visit the Grammarly EDU registration page